Green Mountain Wild Mountain Blueberry K-Cup Review

Happy Monday! The humidity has died down here in N.Y and it is a beautiful day I can finally be outside and open all of the windows :) How are you all doing?
I just received my box of Green Mountain Wild Mountain Blueberry K-Cups. I could not wait to try since I had read/seen so many posts about this coffee being amazing. And hard to find. Well, did this not let me down! This coffee rocks! It is sooooooOooo good. Yes I used all of those o's. It is quite appropriate for the amount of enthusiasm here. The second you brew you start smelling the most amazing scent ever! It is just like going to a Diner or a Dunkin Donuts. You smell fresh blueberry muffins. Then the taste is literally like you are drinking in a muffin! It is quite incredible how you can make coffee taste just like a food lol I honestly expected the coffee to be watery or maybe too sweet or even bitter as a lot of flavored coffee's do. But it had none of those. I put just a little half n half in my cup. No sugar . Nothing else. It was a nice flavor. Not watery. You might not like if you are only for very strong coffee or espresso. And obviously if you don't like flavored coffee do not even try! This is a blueberry in a cup :) The first day I had two cups and I have been drinking it the past few days ever since. I think it is great in the morning, or as an afternoon/evening treat. I am all about watching my weight and finding tricks to keep me satisfied and my mouth shut! This would definitely help lol. It will give you a good " sweet" fix at night . Or any time really. I give it 5 coffee cups out of 5. Which I rarely do for a flavored coffee. But this just really impressed me. Green Mountain is by far the best coffee brands in my opinion. Also I love that this is fair trade certified. Which as you know from me posting in the past is so important for us all especially the farmers that cultivate the coffee we are drinking.

So I definitely would urge you to buy for taste, and for good karma :) Have you guys ever tried this ?

Signing off a " blueberry " coffee Diva ; )


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