Walmart & Kcups !

Hello to all of my readers! I hope you are all safe and sound through the earthquake. Me and my husband were here in our apartment and we both moved when we were sitting down and got kind of pulled forward. It scared the hell out of us, I didn't know what was going on, it was kind of surreal in a way. No one else in my building seemed to have felt it. Then later on I saw on the news it was an after shock ! This world is crazy. Who would think that would happen here in NYC. Now I am hearing a hurricane might come out way this week as well. Very scary. So everyone watch the news and be safe...

I just recently noticed while I was researching some coffee things on, they sell k-cups now as well as Keurig brewers. They are $11.88 a box. Free shipping to home. They have a lot of good flavors. The price has jumped almost $2 a box for k-cups so it is tough in this economy for people to buy them anymore. It is not really something we need, more something we want or like to enjoy. I ran out of all of my k-cups. I finally used my 8 boxes up lol. I am using the bag coffee in my filter. And next month I will stock up with the great fall flavors. But I am definitely missing my k-cups. Coffee just doesn't taste the same lol. Check out walmart they might have your favorite flavor.

Signing off an "after shocked " coffee diva :)


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