Friday Run Down 8/5/11

Log on to to snag some items you might have been looking at for a while in the clearance section :)

Log on to facebook check out 8 oclock coffee's fan page for a chance to enter and win a mug :)

While your on facebook check out Melitta's fan page as well. You can enter and win a free bag of coffee for you and your friend :) Sweet !

Whole latte love has just added these two new Italian brands : Segafredo Zanetti & Torrefazione Settebello ( say that three times in a row lol).

Can't have a lot of caffeine? Or just a little? Well you are not the only one. Check out folgers to see their line of half/calf coffee's .

Signing off a "loving" coffee Diva :) Enjoy your weekend all !


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