Green Mountain Sweet Black Tea Peach Kcup Review

Along with my coffee kcups being the light of my life, I also love hot and iced tea. I have tried I think almost all of the iced tea kcups. Let me just say off the bat for this review if you like very sweet tea these really aren't for you. Unless you add a gallon of sugar and then maybe you will like. These are fresh brewed glasses of strong black tea, with a hint of flavoring. I just recentlly discovered a peach one at Marshalls. I like the flavoring. You get that very "tea" flavor from it but in the background you get hit with a nice peach flavoring. It's great on a hot day like today with dinner or lunch. My husband does not drink them because they aren't sweet enough for him! But I don't drink anything sweet or with sugar so they are perfect for me. If you are a very loyal green, black, or any kind of tea hot. I think you should switch to one of these iced tea kcups. They are great. Refreshing. The only draw back they all leave a funny taste in your mouth after drinking. But still good. I give the peach iced tea kcup 3 tea cups out of 5.

Have any of you tried the iced tea kcups yet ? If so which one's are your favorite or not ?

Signing off a " tea " coffee diva :)


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