Great website for Keurig lovers!!

Hello my coffee peeps! I had received an email from a really nice lady, who was from She had informed me of her website. It is special for people like us who love coffee (especially Keurig) . They have tons of kcups online. Different brands : Green Mountain, Gloria Jeans, Caribou, etc. They even have a lot of specials on kcups. Like buy 3 24ct kcup boxes get one free. As well as other special boxes that are discounted. One 24ct kcup box is 9.99 which is cheaper than a regular box that is now 10.99 or even 11.99. Plus it has more. Regular ct is 18. So that in itself is a beautiful thing.
Another thing I really love about the website is it has all the extra's that come with your Keurig. Like accessories. Kcup holders, and snacks. Who doesn't love their daily cup of coffee with a little treat ? You can purchase Tea as well, which I review on here many times. Just because you have a Keurig doesn't mean you can't cheat and have tea :)
They also offer coffee creamers, sweeteners, straws and all. You pretty much can have your own starbucks at home. Your one stop shop for all things coffee!
So check it out online at: Place for Keurig lovers to shop
They have a blog as well: Coffee Break
And a FB page click "like": facebook

I give them 3 1/2 coffee cups out of 5 great review :) Question of the day ... have any of you ever used this website before or heard of it ?

Signing off a coffee diva ; )


  1. Great site...I give them 5 Cups out of 5 !!!

  2. Thank You Anonymous! Glad you agree :)


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