Coffee today? Ugh a little too hot for that !

Hello all :) I hope you are all cool and well hydrated in a shady place. Today's temps in nyc topped in the 90's. And if you suffer from allergies like I do, the med-high range today might have you suffering a bit. I am on the hunt for a good allergy pill 24 hours relief mostly sneezing and sinus pressure. I am trying a "rite aid" compare to brand . I will see how it works, if not I am going to try zyrtec. I have had two people tell me it works well. .
Anywhoo if coffee is not your thing, and you love hot tea, then on a hot day today you will definitely want a nice refreshing iced one. ( but without the calories of course) . Check out this Starbucks " ideas in action blog" about a new refreshing Tazo tea :)

P.S. Anyone reading please send me your allergy tips and great meds that you take as well @ I'd love to hear my coffee people's advice :)

P.P.S Keep reading, and commenting, and voting for my blog. I am super duper proud I am almost at 5,000 reviews wow !

Signing off a very " hott" coffee Diva


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