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Coffee Humor

Life is tuff, we all know it and go through it every day. Some days are worst than others. Some days it is hard to stay positive. But remember the simple things in life that give you joy like coffee and always have Hope. In case you are going through a rough time here are some cute coffee jokes to put a smile on your face :) Have a great day all !

Coffee Funnies:

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Friday Run Down 6/24/11

T.G.I.F to all :) I have been feeling great thank god. I am back to my healthy routine of working out 1/ 2 times a day, eating healthy, mediating, etc. I hope you are all having a beautiful week. Here is the Friday run down of all things coffee:
Log on to SLO's facebook page and enter to win free roasted coffee in celebration of " Fair Trade Friday " :)
Log on to for some coffee art inspiration !
Log on to and check out their blog on 10 facts about coffee you may not know ! ( Very interesting )
Learn more about an interesting tea you might not have heard of from Republic of Tea :
Shop at for all your favorite Wolfgang Puck Kcups , because they are back in stock!
Log on to and see how they are being eco friendly. They are making their carbon footprint 20% less with every cup . " Click on ecolaboration" to read …

Great website for Keurig lovers!!

Hello my coffee peeps! I had received an email from a really nice lady, who was from She had informed me of her website. It is special for people like us who love coffee (especially Keurig) . They have tons of kcups online. Different brands : Green Mountain, Gloria Jeans, Caribou, etc. They even have a lot of specials on kcups. Like buy 3 24ct kcup boxes get one free. As well as other special boxes that are discounted. One 24ct kcup box is 9.99 which is cheaper than a regular box that is now 10.99 or even 11.99. Plus it has more. Regular ct is 18. So that in itself is a beautiful thing. Another thing I really love about the website is it has all the extra's that come with your Keurig. Like accessories. Kcup holders, and snacks. Who doesn't love their daily cup of coffee with a little treat ? You can purchase Tea as well, which I review on here many times. Just because you have a Keurig doesn't mean you can't cheat and have tea :) They also offer c…

Father's Day gift

The Shoffee Blog

Here is a great deal for father's day, for all of the coffee dad's out there :)

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Green Mountain Sweet Black Tea Peach Kcup Review

Along with my coffee kcups being the light of my life, I also love hot and iced tea. I have tried I think almost all of the iced tea kcups. Let me just say off the bat for this review if you like very sweet tea these really aren't for you. Unless you add a gallon of sugar and then maybe you will like. These are fresh brewed glasses of strong black tea, with a hint of flavoring. I just recentlly discovered a peach one at Marshalls. I like the flavoring. You get that very "tea" flavor from it but in the background you get hit with a nice peach flavoring. It's great on a hot day like today with dinner or lunch. My husband does not drink them because they aren't sweet enough for him! But I don't drink anything sweet or with sugar so they are perfect for me. If you are a very loyal green, black, or any kind of tea hot. I think you should switch to one of these iced tea kcups. They are great. Refreshing. The only draw back they all leave a funny taste in your mouth…

Coffee today? Ugh a little too hot for that !

Hello all :) I hope you are all cool and well hydrated in a shady place. Today's temps in nyc topped in the 90's. And if you suffer from allergies like I do, the med-high range today might have you suffering a bit. I am on the hunt for a good allergy pill 24 hours relief mostly sneezing and sinus pressure. I am trying a "rite aid" compare to brand . I will see how it works, if not I am going to try zyrtec. I have had two people tell me it works well. . Anywhoo if coffee is not your thing, and you love hot tea, then on a hot day today you will definitely want a nice refreshing iced one. ( but without the calories of course) . Check out this Starbucks " ideas in action blog" about a new refreshing Tazo tea :)

P.S. Anyone reading please send me your allergy tips and great meds that you take as well @ I'd love to hear my coffee people's advice :)

New in stock..

New in stock on is a cult favorite kona blend from green mountain. If you are dying to get some here is the link:

"Kona is hard to find because the crop is down 50%.. "

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6/3 Friday Run down !

Hello Sunshine :) This day is gorgeous here in N.Y.C and how can anyone not be positive with this weather, and this life ! Here is the Friday run down on all things coffee .. .enjoy

Roasting coffee perfectly :

Happy National Coffee Day ( the healthy way ) ):

Donut Day coffee sale !

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