Where are all the good bag coffee's ???


Here is a great coffee video. I hope you enjoy ...

What are you sipping on today ? I had one cup of coffee I was given from a fellow coffee blogger. It was an Indonesian blend . The first time I tried it I thought the blend was too weak. So today I tried to make it stronger by using a smaller cup. And this time I thought it tasted umm how shall I say? Not good lol . So now I'm not into it. I've been having a hard time finding a good ground coffee to use in my Keurig. I feel like I am so spoiled with the high quality of the kcups nothing else tastes good to me anymore. The only good bag coffee's I've used really are Folgers Gourmet, some Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts french vanilla. And one gevalia blend I think as well. .. I will not give up on my hunt to find great coffee that comes in a bag !

Guys give me your favorite bag coffee picks.. Maybe I can find one to like as well !

Signing off a " determined " coffee diva


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