Jamaica Me crazy Kcup Review

Well I thought I was in love with Coconut when I met Green Mountain's Island Coconut k-cup, but apparently there is a new sheriff in town and his name is Jamaica Me crazy !! By Wolfgang puck. . I have heard rave reviews from my family and kcup drinkers that Wolfgang's kcups were really good, and thank god for them.
I did a bedbathandbeyond run last week. Picked up about 4 boxes of kcups. And when I brought Jamaica home, I tried it immediately and fell in love. It is so good. I give it 4 out of 5 coffee cups. It has a sweet coconut flavor ( but different than Island Coconut) because it has some vanilla in the background that mellows the coconut out. It's a medium roast. So it can probably hold up better than the Island Coconut in the summer iced. It was smooth and just a little sweet. Some flavored coffee's just don't hold up when you drink them. It's not even like coffee. That's why I really really liked this one. It was a great cup of coffee medium bodied then you get hints of vanilla and coconut. But not over done. It is just amazing ! You have to try it ! Now I am dying to get all of Wolfgang's kcups that this one was so good :) I think this coffee will be great all year, but especially in the spring/summer time. Iced or hot. I am drinking it now to try and pretend it is summer Lol. The east coast is having some crazy cold weather lately. So I really could use the pick me up !

Has anyone ever tried his coffee line yet ??? Did you have a good experience too or not so much ????

Signing off a "crazy " Coffee Diva ;)


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