Folgers Black silk kcup review

Well as I have written before about Folgers, The kcups and gourmet blends have definitely saved Folgers their reputation with me. Normally, I was hating Folgers. Every canister I had bought always tasted horrible before. But then again that was before Keurig came into my life :) Anywhoo, I am reviewing another Folgers kcup blend. It is called Black Silk.
I had heard tons of reviews of this coffee. It had a lot of good feedback and a lot of people were saying that it was a really good bold coffee. So when I went to my local kmart, I thought you know what let me try it. Why not right ?
Well I am really really glad I did. I absolutely love this coffee! If you love espresso, or strong coffee, or a dark roast. I think you will love this coffee. My problem with a lot of strong coffee's or espresso's are as I stated with the Bustelo' consistency, are just too damn bitter. And that is the worst taste in my book. I like a bold but smooth finish. Well this is right up my alley. It immediately made me smile. While I was brewing I got such a great aroma coming from my Keurig. Even my husband ( in the other room ) was saying" wow what's that smell" . It smelt so good.
Now I just added some frothy milk as I do everyday now with my milk frother. ( which I have to do a review on that this week too it's fabulous). And that was it no sugar. I never use any sugar. The milk frothed gives the coffee a great sweetness. The coffee was just so good. I even drank 2 in one day. It is strong and smooth. A great everyday coffee. Great for afternoon/ later on in the day. I wouldn't recommend for the morning if you have a weak stomach lol. But not bitter. No flavors. Just plain old good coffee. Sometime's I go on a flavored kick for a while and then I crave just bold coffee. I almost finished the whole box. I will give it 4/5 coffee cups. I don't have any complaints. I will have to stock up of these a.s.a.p lol.

So what's in your coffee mug today? So far for me of course Black silk. Now second cup is starbucks caramel. I ordered some starbucks coffee should be receiving it this week. I read the date wrong thought it was today lol. I'm excited. Also.. happy national womens day. To my mother, sister, grandma, and all the ladies in heaven I love you all. You are great powerful and loving. You have made me the woman I am today. Strong. Powerful. Smart. Beautiful and driven. I am proud of being a woman every single day :) So here's to you !

Signing off a very " womanly " coffee Diva


  1. Where do you live that you gotta "order" Starbucks?

  2. Hello Anonymous :) Thanks for writing . I live in New York !

  3. I am now a K-cup, two cup a day, snob coffee drinker. I changed when MJB started tasting like crap (donkey, most likely). Now, my fiancee's Folgers Black Silk tastes like crap, yet the K-cup (Silk) is perfect. We tried different pots and bottled water, and use the brown filters. Smells crummy and tastes bad. What now?

    1. Hello mstc52 :) Thank you so much for writing! LOL I completely agree I drink one to two cups of coffee a day (k-cups) . I feel the same way about many bag coffee's. Folger's coffee I hate the ground form, but K-Cup form I find tastes amazing. Same things with Maxwell house K-Cup's and other brands. I don't know why they taste better in K-Cup form. I would try experiencing with the My K-Cup holder that you can use your own coffee but brew it in the Keurig. Maybe that will make a difference ?

      Write back and let me know :))


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