An upscale drink at a great price !

Hello and happy Friday coffee lovers ! I have a bunch of reviews and pictures to upload but first I will start with a review, of Cafe Bustelo French Vanilla Cappuccino Coffee. It is about $2.59 at our local grocery store. My husband picked it up for me yesterday to try and review. I tried it earlier today and was pleasantly surprised. The coffee had a nice flavoring. Definitely tasted like a cappuccino. Maybe you could tell it was a cheaper version, but still good. The Cafe Bustelo Cappuccino line has 5 different flavors actually. And two in sugar free. Regular, French Vanilla, and mocha. Cafe bustelo is a cuban espresso, it is the number 1 Cuban coffee in the U.S. Every Spanish person I know has a can, or brick in their cabinet ( including my in laws lol) . Now to be honest, one time I tried cafe bustelo, I really hated it. Which was weird because I love every coffee usually. But I think it wasn't made the authentic way with a moka pot ( little stove top espresso maker) and that affected the taste. So I definitely wanted to try it the real way to see what all the rage was about ! But I figured let me give it a chance that this was different. So I did and I'm glad I did. Because I like it, it was just a bit sweet for me, so I think If I switched to the sugar free version this would be my new favorite coffee. I even used the hot water from my Keurig to brew straight over the mix in a cup and it had a great crema. It looked dark so I was worried, thought I would have to add milk, but I drank it straight. This is great for someone who maybe doesn't have a fancy espresso machine for 2,000 or maybe you love sweet drinks. Or maybe you are entertaining and you want to do something nice for your family , but again you aren't a barista at starbucks to make your own cappuccino. This literally does it for you, you just add water and go! My only cons would be too sweet, and 110 calories per serving. Now if you save this for dessert time, instead of a brownie or ice cream this can be a great healthy alternative. Especially if you count your calories like me . But to have everyday, too sweet and too many calories. So overall I'm liking this a lot . I give it 3 coffee cups out of 5. Now I will buy all the other flavors to review and try especially sugar free.
Question of the day: Do you guys love cafe bustelo? Someone you know love it ? Spanish or not, people rave over this coffee... Well I am trying more cultural things . I try all different types of coffee. And after I try Spanish coffee I want to research others. So come with me on this International journey to open our minds and our pallet's one coffee cup at a time !

Signing off a "worldly " Coffee Diva


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