Rainy Days & Coffee ... pure LoVe

Well once again the East coast is having crazy weather today. First it snowed last night, and now it is hurricane winds and rain which will pretty much be all night until tomorrow. .. I don't know about you guys but whenever it is rainy and nasty out I always love to enjoy a cup of coffee even more than a regular day. It makes you want to just curl up on the couch and watch a scary movie with a blanket and a shot of espresso :)
Well today for my first cup of coffee ( yes usually there is more than one ) I had Starbucks infusions caramel coffee which I have reviewed before. It is so good. I had it yesterday, so I'm repeating today as well. Usually I have my espresso after lunch. Well on my facebook page I have many coffee companies friended and coffee mate coffee creamers are one of them. They had a great new recipe out today. It is for a caramel macchiato cappuccino. Say that three times fast ! LOL ! Looks really good so I'm posting the website page, and definitely check out the whole website they have tons of great tips and tricks for coffee that will inspire you to try some new stuff. Hot and iced for summer. Plus they are cheap for a bottle around 2/ $3. And you can have a "starbucks" type of coffee specialty drink. I have about 4 in my fridge. All different varieties and flavors.It's a good way to use that boring regular coffee you just can't seem to get rid of . Just add a little flavor and yum. And now a days we are all trying to save a do things at home right ? Plus it just gives you more satisfaction to do it yourself. Or at least I feel like that anyway..

So check the recipes out, and maybe you'll find the perfect blend drink to curl up with today and stay warm :) sip enjoy exhale :)

Signing off a "relaxed and cozy" coffee diva


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