My favorite espresso far

I have just recently been on a major espresso kick that I learned how to use my moka pot. (As described in earlier posts ) . This brand of espresso that I am reviewing is called Lavazza and it is from Italy. It is about under $10 for a can that will last you a while. Depending on how much you drink. Now I haven't tried many types of espresso yet because I am just getting into espresso now that I learned how to make it. But I really love this brand. It tastes so good. Nice and sweet. Strong ,  but not bitter or acidic which I hate. I have a few cups everyday now. It is rivaling my Keurig lol. If you love espresso or just a good bold cup of coffee without any nasty after taste then your have to give this a try. My husband bought this for me at our local Key Food, but I have seen them on So I guess just research it and see who has the best price But under $10 for a whole can of espresso beats $3.00 everyday for an espresso at a snobby coffee house. And you can make it for yourself and adjust it to your liking . So definitely try to get into brewing your own it's quite rewarding and you will feel great, and save money too !! 


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