My bag coffee collection !

This is my bag coffee collection. Yes it's about 8 in the picture, and I had two in the cabinet I couldn't fit lol. The coffee's I have in the picture are:

New England Hazelnut Creme Decaf ( very good)
Hartford Reserve Kona Blend
Starbucks Natural Infusions Caramel
Lavazza Espresso Italian
Gevalia Espresso blend
8 oclock coffee french roast
Blue Moon Indonesian Blend Roast
Peerless coffee and tea Decaf blend
Starbucks Cafe Verona (didn't like at all)
Gevalia Van Nut (didn't like but hubby did)

I have a keurig platinum edition brewer, and I love my kcups , but some things you can't get in kcup form. So I love to have tons of options. It saves money too instead of buying a box of kcups sometimes a bag coffee will last longer. I love waking up and wondering what is today. An espresso day? Flavored day? Decaf ?

Does your cabinet look like mine if you are a coffee diva or man as well ??


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