The keurig just keeps getting better...

Ok So as I have wrote many times, I love coffee, all types, all forms. And all kinds of equipment. I have a french press I got from Ikea that works pretty good . I want to upgrade to a Bodum because they are fantastic and they close off to keep the coffee warm, this one has an opening so it gets cold over time. But none the less, I do like to use it with certain kinds of coffee. French press works great with a coarse ground coffee. I happen to have a few bags of coffee that are coarse ground. So last night I decided to try my New England Decaf Hazelnut Creme coffee in he french press. But not just that, I put the french press under the Keurig and brewed the hot water right in. It was so easy. Now I don't have to wait to boil water in the tea kettle. Now even on the largest brew it won't fill up all the way, unless you run 2, or 3 cycles. And this would only be able to work with the big Platinum Keurig , like the one I have. But it's just so cool. The coffee came out amazing.It actually made a really great crema. And I'm saying to myself is there really anything you can't use the Keurig for ?? It's so amazing. I will be posting some pics of the great coffee, and I encourage you to try this if you love all different methods of brewing coffee as I do..
Have you guys ever done this with you Keurig? Or any other things? I find myself using it for my oatmeal, drinks, coffee, everything really. Now french press too :)

Signing off a "very satisfied keurig user" coffee Diva


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