I finally figured out the right technique for espresso..

Happy Tuesday coffee people ! Well I am super duper excited for all of you espresso lovers, because I have found the perfect way to make the espresso on a moka pot. I will be posting a pic in case people are wondering what is a moka pot lol. It is a tiny device that is the household coffee maker in Europe. All Europeans have this device in various sizes depending on one cup or up to 6,  Also it is very popular among Cubans who make their famous Cuban coffee which consists of mixing a mixture of the sugar and a little of the espresso in a separate cup and then adding it all together for a delicioso treat :) 
Well I had ordered the one cup moka pot on amazon.com. Or what I thought was one cup. This thing was so tiny I didn't even think a 5 year old would use it lol. Every time I would try it I hardly would get even one ounce of espresso. So I kept trying knowing that I never give up. And today was my lucky day. What happened before was, I had seen a video saying when you hear it gurgle to take the moka pot of the burner. So I would but there would be no coffee, hardly any. Today I decided when I hear it gurgle I am going to wait and let the coffee come out almost all the way then turn it off.. and bingo the whole pot came up didn't get anywhere on the stove it was perfect. Didn't have much of a crema but the espresso still tasted great and I got enough for a single shot espresso... It was great and I am so happy .. I love the tiny espresso cups because I am so busy sometimes I make a whole cup of keurig coffee and i wind up wasting it or reheating it a million times that I start doing stuff. But the espresso is great for before I start my busy day or at lunch time for just that little shot of coffee I am craving... Here is a pic of the pot and these adorable espresso cups my sister got me as a little wedding gift that is perfect for your espresso... And let me know if this helps guys.....

Signing off a Very "espressed" Coffee Diva :) 


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