Happy 2011 Coffee Lovers...

Happy 2011 my fellow coffee enthusiasts. Well I hope everyone had a great holiday. My holiday's were beautiful, but then on New years Eve I was extremely sick. I was running a fever that just about hit 103 degrees. I almost went to the hospital but thank god it came down after I threw myself into an ice shower. Boy that was fun! I was so sick I was crying to my poor husband, who stood by my side the whole time. My dad and sister kept calling from NJ to make sure I was ok, and they were even going to come down and take me to the hospital if they had to. That's how much they care about me. It's funny when you get sick or something bad happens you see who calls you up and who doesn't. Those were the only people who called to see if I was ok. Even though other's might have known that I was sick. You have to remember people only care about themselves and are selfish. Can't expect your in laws or your "friends" to care about you. My true family are my husband , my sis , dad , and mom. That's it. And I am very happy I have them at least :) ..
So that being said I wish everyone a happy, healthy, wealthy new year with good people who love you like my family love me...And don't worry about people who don't wish you well as people didn't while I was on my death bed lol it just means they are so jealous of you they can't even wish you well ! The more silent they are, the most distant they are the more you're doing a great job in life :) So now I love it when people don't include me and my husband in things it just means they are so embarrassed with their lie they can't stand to have good amazing people around ! Turn their negativity into your positive motivation !


This year I will be bringing you great reviews on  everything coffee and here is a link to williamsonoma.com for a new 2011 collection ,featuring a beautiful french press.. so enjoy and I hope my words were read to encourage you guys while you were drinking your first beautiful cup of coffee for the new year and post your first cup of 2011 on here . I'm dying to see what everyone drank for the first of 2011!!

Signing off a very Recovered Coffee Diva


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