Coffee Sale & Meditation has me on their emal list, and they sent me today a whole list of Van Houtte Kcups that are on sale special on I only tried one flavored from Van Houtte (French Vanilla) and did like it a lot. I definitely want to try a bunch of other varieties. Amazon has some really good deals if you buy in bulk. Which can save you money in the long run. So check them out maybe you find some to try, or your daily favorite. I'm actually running low on my kcups actually . I have stocked up with a lot of bag coffee. I do that. I switch on and off. Stock up on a lot of kcups then when they are over flowing, I will take a break and switch to bag coffee. Do you Keurig users do that to save money and get more variety ??
Well I hope everyone is in a warm safe home, happy and healthy. I listen to meditation music/new age everyday at some point to help calm me. It keeps me from stressing and helps me realize how lucky I am. (as corny as that sounds) So if you guys live a hectic life, or going through a rough time . Try it. It helps. And incorporate it with deep breathing/yoga:)

Signing off A "positively meditated " Coffee Diva :)


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