Can I really have 2 coffee brewers ?

OK , as the coffee lover I am, I have built up quite the collection. I have kcups, and about ten bags of coffee. A platinum Keurig brewer, an espresso maker (stove top), and a French press. Well now I have been eying the Tassimo single serve brewer. They even offer it on Q.V.C now and J.C. Penny. I saw a good deal on It comes in a really sharp white color, with these attachments to put color into your kitchen.
Now let me just say I love my keurig almost as much as my husband, but truth be told it can't make espresso's or cappuccino's. Now my husband doesn't really drink those things. That's why we choose the Keurig at Christmas time to buy, instead of the new one's like this from Tassimo or Nespresso . .
Now sometime's I just want a nice cup of coffee plain. Sometime's I want flavored. Sometime's I want espresso, or I'd love a latte or cappuccino. It would be nice to have something to make those "specialty " drinks. So here is my problem.. is it really really crazy to have two single serve machines? Has it been done before ? And if it has can it be done again? Will people think I'm one flew over the coo coo nest ? Or will I fit right in with all the other crazy coffee Diva's and men ?I'm very tempted to get this for myself for my birthday ( March 26th ). ..... Any thoughts ????

Signing off A "spoiled" Coffee Diva LoL


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