Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today is National Irish Coffee Day !!

So I totally forgot to blog that today is National Irish coffee day. Here is the true real recipe .. And in honor of my terry :)

The International Bartender Association gives the official recipe as two parts Irish whiskey, four parts hot coffee, one and a half parts fresh cream and one teaspoon brown sugar. JJ and Jameson!

It's served strong with no milk. You are supposed to sip the coffee through the sweet cream. It gives it a great combo! A lot of whipped fresh cream on top. Thick layer. It shouldn't mix with the coffee.

Signing off a very "irish" Coffee Diva "

The keurig just keeps getting better...

Ok So as I have wrote many times, I love coffee, all types, all forms. And all kinds of equipment. I have a french press I got from Ikea that works pretty good . I want to upgrade to a Bodum because they are fantastic and they close off to keep the coffee warm, this one has an opening so it gets cold over time. But none the less, I do like to use it with certain kinds of coffee. French press works great with a coarse ground coffee. I happen to have a few bags of coffee that are coarse ground. So last night I decided to try my New England Decaf Hazelnut Creme coffee in he french press. But not just that, I put the french press under the Keurig and brewed the hot water right in. It was so easy. Now I don't have to wait to boil water in the tea kettle. Now even on the largest brew it won't fill up all the way, unless you run 2, or 3 cycles. And this would only be able to work with the big Platinum Keurig , like the one I have. But it's just so cool. The coffee came out amazing.It actually made a really great crema. And I'm saying to myself is there really anything you can't use the Keurig for ?? It's so amazing. I will be posting some pics of the great coffee, and I encourage you to try this if you love all different methods of brewing coffee as I do..
Have you guys ever done this with you Keurig? Or any other things? I find myself using it for my oatmeal, drinks, coffee, everything really. Now french press too :)

Signing off a "very satisfied keurig user" coffee Diva

Monday, January 24, 2011

Coffee Sale & Meditation

Amazon.com has me on their emal list, and they sent me today a whole list of Van Houtte Kcups that are on sale special on amazon.com. I only tried one flavored from Van Houtte (French Vanilla) and did like it a lot. I definitely want to try a bunch of other varieties. Amazon has some really good deals if you buy in bulk. Which can save you money in the long run. So check them out maybe you find some to try, or your daily favorite. I'm actually running low on my kcups actually . I have stocked up with a lot of bag coffee. I do that. I switch on and off. Stock up on a lot of kcups then when they are over flowing, I will take a break and switch to bag coffee. Do you Keurig users do that to save money and get more variety ??
Well I hope everyone is in a warm safe home, happy and healthy. I listen to meditation music/new age everyday at some point to help calm me. It keeps me from stressing and helps me realize how lucky I am. (as corny as that sounds) So if you guys live a hectic life, or going through a rough time . Try it. It helps. And incorporate it with deep breathing/yoga:)

Signing off A "positively meditated " Coffee Diva :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Can I really have 2 coffee brewers ?

OK , as the coffee lover I am, I have built up quite the collection. I have kcups, and about ten bags of coffee. A platinum Keurig brewer, an espresso maker (stove top), and a French press. Well now I have been eying the Tassimo single serve brewer. They even offer it on Q.V.C now and J.C. Penny. I saw a good deal on jcpenny.com. It comes in a really sharp white color, with these attachments to put color into your kitchen.
Now let me just say I love my keurig almost as much as my husband, but truth be told it can't make espresso's or cappuccino's. Now my husband doesn't really drink those things. That's why we choose the Keurig at Christmas time to buy, instead of the new one's like this from Tassimo or Nespresso . .
Now sometime's I just want a nice cup of coffee plain. Sometime's I want flavored. Sometime's I want espresso, or I'd love a latte or cappuccino. It would be nice to have something to make those "specialty " drinks. So here is my problem.. is it really really crazy to have two single serve machines? Has it been done before ? And if it has can it be done again? Will people think I'm one flew over the coo coo nest ? Or will I fit right in with all the other crazy coffee Diva's and men ?I'm very tempted to get this for myself for my birthday ( March 26th ). ..... Any thoughts ????

Signing off A "spoiled" Coffee Diva LoL

Friday, January 21, 2011

Train - Marry Me

A beautiful song this morning to enjoy and reflect on with you morning coffee..
This song means so much to me, waking up everyday seeing my husband reminds
me that he asked me to marry him, promised to love me forever in front of our
family, and to devote his life to me. I wake up , I smile. No problem or obstacle
will ever be too big for us to overcome that we always have our love. He's my
angel and my soul mate.. I'm so glad it' s just us so we know our love is true, and just
based on us, and nothing or no one else. No kids. No distractions just pure love....

Signing off a very "in love" coffee Diva :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Coffee & Health

This is a great article on coffee and it's one of many health benefits.

Enjoy the article
A very " healthy "coffee Diva

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rainy Days & Coffee ... pure LoVe

Well once again the East coast is having crazy weather today. First it snowed last night, and now it is hurricane winds and rain which will pretty much be all night until tomorrow. .. I don't know about you guys but whenever it is rainy and nasty out I always love to enjoy a cup of coffee even more than a regular day. It makes you want to just curl up on the couch and watch a scary movie with a blanket and a shot of espresso :)
Well today for my first cup of coffee ( yes usually there is more than one ) I had Starbucks infusions caramel coffee which I have reviewed before. It is so good. I had it yesterday, so I'm repeating today as well. Usually I have my espresso after lunch. Well on my facebook page I have many coffee companies friended and coffee mate coffee creamers are one of them. They had a great new recipe out today. It is for a caramel macchiato cappuccino. Say that three times fast ! LOL ! Looks really good so I'm posting the website page, and definitely check out the whole website they have tons of great tips and tricks for coffee that will inspire you to try some new stuff. Hot and iced for summer. Plus they are cheap for a bottle around 2/ $3. And you can have a "starbucks" type of coffee specialty drink. I have about 4 in my fridge. All different varieties and flavors.It's a good way to use that boring regular coffee you just can't seem to get rid of . Just add a little flavor and yum. And now a days we are all trying to save a do things at home right ? Plus it just gives you more satisfaction to do it yourself. Or at least I feel like that anyway..

So check the recipes out, and maybe you'll find the perfect blend drink to curl up with today and stay warm :) sip enjoy exhale :)

Signing off a "relaxed and cozy" coffee diva

Monday, January 17, 2011

Eco-Friendly Coffee Cup

Happy Monday coffee beans! Well I am feeling pretty great. I have been working out and eating healthy (as I was doing for 9/10 months but then kind of indulged at my wedding/honeymoon/holidays lol). I also gave myself a beauty day. Which I do once every week. You know nails, eyebrows, waxing, shaving, plucking , etc. It's hard to be a woman ad keep up with all this lol. But it's worth it looking great for your husband. Hey who knows maybe it's just because I'm so young, maybe in 20 years I'll be rolling around with no makeup on , but I doubt it lol. I have always been such a girly girl. My parents used to always yell at me and my sister for taking so long to get ready . When we are together we are the worst. Usually we will take 2 hours to go out. Even if it's just to the supermarket haha. Hey everyday is your fashion show you know. ...
Anyways so yes feeling very positive and I'm posting about a great cup for coffee , tea, or iced drinks.And it's great for the environment. It is called the Copco Travel Mug. One day in this past summer my husband surprised me with this and kcups from Bedbathandbeyond. I was so happy it was very sweet. Of course he got it in my signature color (pink). It is $5.99. Comes in a few colors. It beats buying disposable coffee cups all the time. You are just throwing them away and hurting the environment. You can buy just one of these and reuse them over and over. They are very sturdy so you won't have to worry about breaking them I don't even think you can lol. Keeps the hot hot and the cold cold. I've used it for iced tea, iced coffee, or hot stuff. (Although they do carried separate ones specific for iced coffee's which I am going to buy for this summer) So these are really important, they save you money, you look cool carrying them, and your coffee stays warm. We all win ! I posted the link to purchase one. If your a coffee diva like me you have to buy one of these , and they make great gifts for friends and fam. Get one of these with a nice bag of coffee in a basket. Great gift !

Signing off a very "positive and earth friendly " Coffee Diva :))

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Free coffee every Wednesday !!!

Yesterday I was googling like I'm sure everyone does everyday. I stumbled upon this great website that has a list of all kinds of great stuff going on around the city. Free wine tasting, free coffee , free museum admission, etc. I looked it up for N.Y.C and found this one place called Organique that offers free coffee all day on Wednesdays. This is an awesome deal, and a great way for them to get some more new customers. Me and my hubby are going to try it out. It works out great because he has off Wednesdays/Thursdays. So I am super excited!!! So you guys check it out and maybe they have some free things in your area as well :)
So question of the day in honor of Football Sunday who are you rooting for ? Well my favorite team the Giants are out of it. But I refuse to root for the Jets just because I am from NY. I think they are a dirty team. They are the most UN-professional in the league. They have no sportsmanship. They talk and try to rile up the other team. Just so tacky. So I will be rooting for the Patriots . They are a better team anyway.
Also I had Hartford reserve coffee today Kona blend. I reviewed it in October and gave it 3 coffee cups but wasn't in love with it. And everytime I would drink it I really didn't enjoy it. And today I added pumpkin spice creamer and I just did not like it either. It's watery. I'm dropping it back to a 1/2 2 coffee cups. My hubby likes it but I think it's weak... so that's my drink and review for the day I hope you guy find a free coffee tasting and love it !

signing off a "helpful" coffee diva

Saturday, January 15, 2011

1500 viewers and more...

Well congrats to me on my blog hitting 1500 viewers! Thank you so much guys for reading. It has meant a lot to me to see how popular my blog has become :) Now I want to shoot for 2,000 views and beyond. Well here in N.Y.C it was a very cold day. Really dreary a day to just curl up on the couch with a nice hot cup of coffee or tea. I didn't sleep well last night so I just stayed in for the day and did a lot of organizing and paperwork. I leave all my online work for Saturday's since it can take so long. Hence why I didn't post until now ...

Well everyone have a great night and stay warm with some coffee or tea !

Friday, January 14, 2011

My bag coffee collection !

This is my bag coffee collection. Yes it's about 8 in the picture, and I had two in the cabinet I couldn't fit lol. The coffee's I have in the picture are:

New England Hazelnut Creme Decaf ( very good)
Hartford Reserve Kona Blend
Starbucks Natural Infusions Caramel
Lavazza Espresso Italian
Gevalia Espresso blend
8 oclock coffee french roast
Blue Moon Indonesian Blend Roast
Peerless coffee and tea Decaf blend
Starbucks Cafe Verona (didn't like at all)
Gevalia Van Nut (didn't like but hubby did)

I have a keurig platinum edition brewer, and I love my kcups , but some things you can't get in kcup form. So I love to have tons of options. It saves money too instead of buying a box of kcups sometimes a bag coffee will last longer. I love waking up and wondering what is today. An espresso day? Flavored day? Decaf ?

Does your cabinet look like mine if you are a coffee diva or man as well ??

An upscale drink at a great price !

Hello and happy Friday coffee lovers ! I have a bunch of reviews and pictures to upload but first I will start with a review, of Cafe Bustelo French Vanilla Cappuccino Coffee. It is about $2.59 at our local grocery store. My husband picked it up for me yesterday to try and review. I tried it earlier today and was pleasantly surprised. The coffee had a nice flavoring. Definitely tasted like a cappuccino. Maybe you could tell it was a cheaper version, but still good. The Cafe Bustelo Cappuccino line has 5 different flavors actually. And two in sugar free. Regular, French Vanilla, and mocha. Cafe bustelo is a cuban espresso, it is the number 1 Cuban coffee in the U.S. Every Spanish person I know has a can, or brick in their cabinet ( including my in laws lol) . Now to be honest, one time I tried cafe bustelo, I really hated it. Which was weird because I love every coffee usually. But I think it wasn't made the authentic way with a moka pot ( little stove top espresso maker) and that affected the taste. So I definitely wanted to try it the real way to see what all the rage was about ! But I figured let me give it a chance that this was different. So I did and I'm glad I did. Because I like it, it was just a bit sweet for me, so I think If I switched to the sugar free version this would be my new favorite coffee. I even used the hot water from my Keurig to brew straight over the mix in a cup and it had a great crema. It looked dark so I was worried, thought I would have to add milk, but I drank it straight. This is great for someone who maybe doesn't have a fancy espresso machine for 2,000 or maybe you love sweet drinks. Or maybe you are entertaining and you want to do something nice for your family , but again you aren't a barista at starbucks to make your own cappuccino. This literally does it for you, you just add water and go! My only cons would be too sweet, and 110 calories per serving. Now if you save this for dessert time, instead of a brownie or ice cream this can be a great healthy alternative. Especially if you count your calories like me . But to have everyday, too sweet and too many calories. So overall I'm liking this a lot . I give it 3 coffee cups out of 5. Now I will buy all the other flavors to review and try especially sugar free.
Question of the day: Do you guys love cafe bustelo? Someone you know love it ? Spanish or not, people rave over this coffee... Well I am trying more cultural things . I try all different types of coffee. And after I try Spanish coffee I want to research others. So come with me on this International journey to open our minds and our pallet's one coffee cup at a time !

Signing off a "worldly " Coffee Diva

Dr. Oz on the key to maximizing the health benefits of green tea - National Dr. Oz | Examiner.com

Dr. Oz on the key to maximizing the health benefits of green tea - National Dr. Oz | Examiner.com

Not only I am the coffee Diva ... but I am also the tea diva.. I totally love tea and it is so healthy for you!
It's the one easiest thing you could add to your lifestyle that will ensure good health. And it's tasty ! Here
is a great article on how to maximize your Green Tea benefits, so your not just drinking 4 cups of green
Tea recommended by Dr. Oz , for no reason !

Signing off the "tea" Diva :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Having a bad day.. with coffee that is..

Let me just start off saying this really bothers me being that I am an Emeril Lagasse fan. But I'm sorry to review that this is the second time I am trying his "big easy bold " and I could not even drink it this time either. I had tried this one before at my mom's house when she first got her Keurig, and they had this kcup in the sampler pack. Well she hated it, and I tried it and could not drink it. Now I don't know if it's a southern thing since Emeril is from New Orleans, because it can't be that the coffee is strong. I love strong coffee. And if any of you have read my blog you know I love strong coffee and I drink espresso every afternoon. But I don't like bitter, and this tastes like you are eating coffee out of the can. It just has the weirdest flavor. I even tried it today with hazelnut creamer to try and dilute the flavor, couldn't finish it. So I'm giving this kcup a 0 cups out of 5 sorry! I even tried a newman's own kcup after with the hazelnut and didn't like it . I think it was the special flavor. I have to try it again without the flavored hazelnut. Today just isn't my day for coffee lol. Did you guys ever try this kcup ? Ironically the big easy bold one has like pretty high ratings...

Well Signing off a very "unhappy" coffee diva :(

Sunday, January 9, 2011

mypressi TWIST demonstration

This thing is super duper cool ! I can't believe I have never seen it before. I will be researching this now!! Looks like it makes amazing espresso . Check out the crema on this one !!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My favorite espresso brand...so far

I have just recently been on a major espresso kick that I learned how to use my moka pot. (As described in earlier posts ) . This brand of espresso that I am reviewing is called Lavazza and it is from Italy. It is about under $10 for a can that will last you a while. Depending on how much you drink. Now I haven't tried many types of espresso yet because I am just getting into espresso now that I learned how to make it. But I really love this brand. It tastes so good. Nice and sweet. Strong ,  but not bitter or acidic which I hate. I have a few cups everyday now. It is rivaling my Keurig lol. If you love espresso or just a good bold cup of coffee without any nasty after taste then your have to give this a try. My husband bought this for me at our local Key Food, but I have seen them on amazon.com. So I guess just research it and see who has the best price But under $10 for a whole can of espresso beats $3.00 everyday for an espresso at a snobby coffee house. And you can make it for yourself and adjust it to your liking . So definitely try to get into brewing your own it's quite rewarding and you will feel great, and save money too !! 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I finally figured out the right technique for espresso..

Happy Tuesday coffee people ! Well I am super duper excited for all of you espresso lovers, because I have found the perfect way to make the espresso on a moka pot. I will be posting a pic in case people are wondering what is a moka pot lol. It is a tiny device that is the household coffee maker in Europe. All Europeans have this device in various sizes depending on one cup or up to 6,  Also it is very popular among Cubans who make their famous Cuban coffee which consists of mixing a mixture of the sugar and a little of the espresso in a separate cup and then adding it all together for a delicioso treat :) 
Well I had ordered the one cup moka pot on amazon.com. Or what I thought was one cup. This thing was so tiny I didn't even think a 5 year old would use it lol. Every time I would try it I hardly would get even one ounce of espresso. So I kept trying knowing that I never give up. And today was my lucky day. What happened before was, I had seen a video saying when you hear it gurgle to take the moka pot of the burner. So I would but there would be no coffee, hardly any. Today I decided when I hear it gurgle I am going to wait and let the coffee come out almost all the way then turn it off.. and bingo the whole pot came up didn't get anywhere on the stove it was perfect. Didn't have much of a crema but the espresso still tasted great and I got enough for a single shot espresso... It was great and I am so happy .. I love the tiny espresso cups because I am so busy sometimes I make a whole cup of keurig coffee and i wind up wasting it or reheating it a million times that I start doing stuff. But the espresso is great for before I start my busy day or at lunch time for just that little shot of coffee I am craving... Here is a pic of the pot and these adorable espresso cups my sister got me as a little wedding gift that is perfect for your espresso... And let me know if this helps guys.....

Signing off a Very "espressed" Coffee Diva :) 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 2011 Coffee Lovers...

Happy 2011 my fellow coffee enthusiasts. Well I hope everyone had a great holiday. My holiday's were beautiful, but then on New years Eve I was extremely sick. I was running a fever that just about hit 103 degrees. I almost went to the hospital but thank god it came down after I threw myself into an ice shower. Boy that was fun! I was so sick I was crying to my poor husband, who stood by my side the whole time. My dad and sister kept calling from NJ to make sure I was ok, and they were even going to come down and take me to the hospital if they had to. That's how much they care about me. It's funny when you get sick or something bad happens you see who calls you up and who doesn't. Those were the only people who called to see if I was ok. Even though other's might have known that I was sick. You have to remember people only care about themselves and are selfish. Can't expect your in laws or your "friends" to care about you. My true family are my husband , my sis , dad , and mom. That's it. And I am very happy I have them at least :) ..
So that being said I wish everyone a happy, healthy, wealthy new year with good people who love you like my family love me...And don't worry about people who don't wish you well as people didn't while I was on my death bed lol it just means they are so jealous of you they can't even wish you well ! The more silent they are, the most distant they are the more you're doing a great job in life :) So now I love it when people don't include me and my husband in things it just means they are so embarrassed with their lie they can't stand to have good amazing people around ! Turn their negativity into your positive motivation !


This year I will be bringing you great reviews on  everything coffee and here is a link to williamsonoma.com for a new 2011 collection ,featuring a beautiful french press.. so enjoy and I hope my words were read to encourage you guys while you were drinking your first beautiful cup of coffee for the new year and post your first cup of 2011 on here . I'm dying to see what everyone drank for the first of 2011!!

Signing off a very Recovered Coffee Diva