Was expecting more... :(

Well I was so excited to try my next box of Gevalia gourmet coffee Vanilla Nut, because I had loved the decaff creme' brulee so much. I tried it at first with no sugar, and it was ok, but I thought it could use a drop of sugar. Then I drank the cup, and was still kind of dissapointed. A lot of people said this was a good one. I think I was expecting something sweeter maybe thinking it was more of a french vanilla flavoring. It says it has a nutty flavor and smell to it. I don't know it tasted to nutty for me. I wasn't really crazy about it. I will keep trying it to make it work. And I will not give up on Gevalia. It's only normal some I will love some I won't. I give it about 21/2 3 coffee cups out of 5. I still have one more box to try after this. The espresso blend. .. I shall let you know after I put more sugar next time maybe how it is if it gets any better.. Please comment if you've tried this coffee ...
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