How do YOU take it ?

So when the heat gets up there, (like today it was about 93' in N.Y.C) do you like to have iced coffee? Or are you a seasoned coffee pro that drinks it straight up hot even in this crazy heat ? Well today since I had the A/C on, I wasn't that hot so I had my new Green Mountain Extra Bold Sumatran Reserve Coffee. And it was slamming ! It was very strong , but not bitter at all. I would drink this coffee every day. I loved it and so did my fiance' Anthony . We give it 5 full coffee cups out of 5 ! We're trying to train ourselves to drink in the heat so when we move to Florida in 2 years, we'll be ready to enjoy any time we want hot. Or if we do want iced, that too ! So comment in and let me know how you take it ( ok I know that sounds dirty but it's not lol)

Signing off A coffee Diva


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