Glad it's over....

I don't know about you guys but I've had the worst Summer ever ! I don't know why so many things seemed "emotional" this summer. Maybe it's the regular day to day stresses, bills, drama etc. Maybe i'm getting nervous my life is changing that I'm getting married in 3 months. Maybe because My dad had surgery for the third time and was nerve wracking thinking if he'd be ok the third time around...
I'm a person who is in my mind so much, and I know I shouldn't be .. but I do it anyway..
I'm just really looking to move in January and I can only see that, so I fear if it doesn't happen before it has even taken it's course. So many dreams have let me down already, and I don't want this one to be let down as well..
I guess it's just a lot I'm going through. And the past three years I've been through so many things I could never imagine. Or prepare for. Sometime's I feel alone that no one has really given me the credit I deserve after dealing with all of these "grown up things", and on top of it on my own.. I'm only human to have hard times, or breakdowns, I just wish people would understand me more and not judge me, I've just been traumatized . ... I'm not the same person because it's 4 years later. And my views have changed. I've seen life in a different way. I've seen my family in a different light. My whole being has been completely changed. Good or bad who's to say ? It might not be the same Jennifer people want, but for me I'm still proud of her. All her flaws and nerodic ways..
Well this week will be a new month, a new year literally and I hope it brings great things. That's all I can ever do is keep Hoping right..

My coffee of the day was a new ground kona blend i found at pathmark. I will be reviewing it this week, and if anyone's going through the same things, please leave a message :) And ur not alone I am right there with you !


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