Friday, September 19, 2014

Bed Bath & Beyond Welcome's LavAzza !

T.G.I.F everyone!! I have enjoyed two beautiful days off. I spent all day with my dad in New Jersey yesterday. We went shopping. Did dinner. Most importantly, we talked. My dad always understood me without having to explain myself too much. He always made me feel loved. Appreciated. Special. He always made me feel everything would be ok. At least one man loved me:) He's been through a lot so he gives good advice but in a way that is sensitive to my heart. I will always be a little daddy's girl at heart. I'm proud of the man he's turned into. The effect he's had on my life.
He makes me know I am worth something.
Today I got up bright and early. Was out to enjoy some coffee. I donated clothes and shoes at the local donation center. It always feels great to be able to help people in need as much as I can. I wish I could take care of everyone in the world. My heart has always been a bit big. .
Now I am enjoying some nice hot green tea with honey. Still getting over a little cold/allergies. The crisp air is flowing from the windows. Sun shining on my face. You can't help but feel positive. Feel the life force around you. This was always a magical time for me. I hope that it turns out that way now for this new year ahead I am encountering.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Bed bath and beyond has over 100 varieties of K-Cups, and now they can add to that list of a very well known Italian coffee company. LavAzza. They have amazing espresso. I adore them! Click here to purchase and receive free shipping on any K-Cups. Enjoy and let me know what you guys think.

Ciao' " Coffee Diva "

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bigelow Tea Bus Tour

Welcome September. May you bring this new year filled with health, love, and positivity!

Rain rain go away, come again...umm today is just fine for me. I am home on my day off relaxing. Trying to catch up on work. And blogging of course. I need to get my work space set up this week so I can catch up with you guys more often. I have no time/space to work lately! Well I have been feeling a little under the weather the past few days. But I worked anyway to keep my spirits up. I think the combination of the seasons changing and my allergies triggered it. But nothing some good tea can't cure.

Speaking off which, Bigelow Tea will be kicking off their bus tour. Click the link to find when they will be coming to your city!

Signing off an "Under The Weather" Coffee Diva

Friday, August 15, 2014

Quick Tip: Frothing Practice

Happy Friday All ! Here is a great video on frothing for all of your favorite coffee drinks :)

Signing off A "frothy" Coffee Diva

Monday, August 11, 2014

Best Coffee Shops In Every State

Happy Monday my little coffee cups :) What is on the agenda for today? I am working from home today. I went back to work yesterday and it was really good. It felt to be back at work. It was very stressful the past few months but it seems to be getting better. (At least I hope lol). It was nice to be able to have a few cups of coffee. Enjoy the nice weather with a quiet empty house this morning. I love little moments like that. As lonely as I might get being separated from my husband, it's good to be able to just be with yourself. Smile. Listen to music. It's really important.

So I found a great article from Business Insider on the best coffee shops in every state. It has really good local places that are where the best coffee usually comes from. Not your neighborhood Starbucks. See if there are any on the list that are in your state you go to or would like to. I love to explore new places myself. I love change :)

Have a wonderful Monday all..

Signing off a " Changed & Quiet " Coffee Diva

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saturday Run Down 8/9/14

It's a beautiful day this Saturday. I am just getting home from N.J. My father had to have surgery. His stent that is located in his heart needed to be fixed. It was scary. There is always that moment when you think what could happen. But thankfully he is strong has recovered and is doing great. So I'm relaxing and resting up after a busy hectic week off. I work tomorrow. How has your summer been? I saw some new comments which I love from all you readers. Here is the Saturday Run Down for all things coffee ;)

What your coffee says about you: A cute graphic on different types of coffee. Which one did you guys get? What if you are all of them like I am! LOL

A yummy recipe from "Mr. Coffee". All Cafe' Frappe Recipes you can find here. Do you own a Mr. Coffee appliance? Have you ever tried any of these?

It's National Coffee Month!!! Let us all rejoice with savings of 7% off items on wholtelattelove.

You can now sip on a special tea blend that was created just for the movie "The Hundred Foot Journey". Cardamom Crème Brulee Tea. Order from the republic of tea. Were you guys planning on seeing the movie? Do you like sweet tea?

Save $15 when you buy a T20 Tassimo brewer and get $25 worth of coffee ($40 value). Up to 2-disc packages. Offer ends 9/1/2014. Use Promo Code TA07SCH. Shop online.

New from Teatulia has a new blend out and it's on sale. Organic Chamomile Tea is available now and for $5.24. Order here Teatulia.

Dunkin Donut K-Cup varities are now on sale for $9.99. Stop it to your local Dunkin Donuts for purchase. Or go online to locate a store.

Buy your student a coffee maker for school and get 4 free boxes of coffee now from Gevalia. Offer good until 8/20/14. Use promo code GRAD at checkout.
Buy 5 boxes of coffee for $20 and receive a free Travel Mug. Use promo code BMKAL.
Save 40% off Karoma Estate Coffee. Offer good until 8/31/14. Use promo code XHMLW

Check out the new Nescafe Dolce Gusto Esperta by DeLonghi. Now available on bedbathandbeyond.

Signing off a "Caught Up" Coffee Diva

Quick Tips: Making Better Tasting Coffee

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