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Weekly Hauls


Bedbathandbeyond/Target Haul

Hey guys. T.G.I.F. Just catching up on some work and reviews. Been busy all day. Tired. But no time to rest! Here is my bedbathandbeyond and Target haul I did Valentines Day weekend. I used coupons and all was on clearance except the $5 cake pedestal.  You guys know I'm obsessed with cake stands!
Hope you are all staying warm. Do you all shop at bedbathandbeyond?  Do you make out good with coupons?

Signing off a "tired" coffee diva

Valentines Day Nails


T.J Maxx Haul/Review

Finally a little sun on this cold February Thursday. I hope you are all doing well. I am on day 38 of my whole30 lifestyle. I can't believe how the days and weeks have flows by. Now it just seems second hand to eat and follow the standards of eating that I do now.
I'm in bed the same time every night. I'm up earlier. I work out every day or if not, I don't beat myself up about it. The mental part is the hardest. Trying to re-train your brain to think positive. It's all worth it. Knowing your body is healthy and you are doing the right thing. You are trying and working hard.

I have another picture of a T.J Maxx haul I did about two weeks ago. I must be getting old because all of these pictures I could have sworn I already posted lol. Guess not. (Must take Ginko Biloba or something). Here are my reviews of the products.

*I found some goodies. But I was disappointed with the makeup I purchased. I actually have them in my bag to exchange. Hopefully they let me. Th…

Target Haul & Shelfies

Happy hump day! Today has been another busy day. Woke up earlier to get my cardio in. Did a few projects around the house. I'm currently meal prepping potatoes and eggs for the week. Now I'm sitting to do some work and blog. I'm sleepy and those two cups of coffee with coconut milk did nothing to help! I hope you all are enjoying your day. It is dark and rainy here in N.Y.C. Soon Spring will be here before we know it so let's stay positive.

I wanted to share some photos I forgot to post from two weeks back. One of my little Target haul as well as a new vignette I did on my shelf by the kitchen. I just can't get enough of these decorative boxes! I've posted them before but here they are again. I really think they are great for bookshelves. Closets. Desks. Kitchen. Anywhere really. Target has new stuff out now. Such cute items. All pastels for Spring. I love pastels. I also scored some great clearance deals on lipglosses. As well as $4 Target candles. I just l…

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Teavana Haul & Review

Happy hump day people! It's another dark and cold day here in N.Y.C. Been busy since the moment I woke up. Always grateful to have so much to do. I hope you all are enjoying your day. I wanted to share with you a purchase I made last week. My husband happened to have an extra day off which was nice. We were running all around. Then of course he wanted to go to the city to look for something. Naturally after I wondered to the nearest Teavana. I honestly love tea but have never purchased anything there. The store was small and quaint. The staff helped me pick out two tea blends that I absolutely love. The first blend was Jasmine Oolong. I love the scent of Jasmine in tea. I probably would drink any tea with Jasmine. It's color was light. It was very strong and a little bitter in my opinion. Not much is needed for steeping.
The next blend I picked was Earl grey creme. The scent is also heavenly. All you smell is the Madagascar vanilla. It is great for a morning blend instead of…

All White Everything

Hi guys! Happy Tuesday. It's dark and cold here in N.Y.C today. I am beyond tired. I got a bad headache in the middle of the night out of no where which pretty much kept me up all night:(. I was going through my phone to delete some older pics and found a goodie I forgot to share. I don't know about you guys but I love the little "bullseye" section at Target. They have the most adorable finds from $1-5 the most. I had been wanting this cake stand for the longest time but couldn't find the all white. Throughout the holiday season they only had the green/red version. I almost purchased and then spray painted but I never did. Anywhoo, I found it in the middle of an aisle. Grabbed it and ran! There was a tiny chip only you can see if you flipped the cake stand upside down. I didn't mind at all. They gave me a discount. It came out to be $2 I believe. Can't beat that. I had it in the spot here in the picture but then moved it next to my Keurig.
I had an issue…

Primal Kitchen Avocado Mayo Review

Happy Sunday my beautiful readers! It is a sunny day here in N.Y.C. Super bowl Sunday. I'm sure this is a huge day for a lot of people (including the teams). I will be rooting for Denver.I am a N.Y Giants fan but I love the Peyton brothers. Yesterday was an interesting Saturday. I was exhausted from running around doing errands. Then I went to Marshalls to exchange some stuff. Purchased an adorable little oil mist diffuser. I have to do a review during the week. After I was back home I proceeded to go through all of my house stuff. Kitchen, closets, appliances, and clothes. I will be donating tons of stuff to the Goodwill. I am glad to help anyone in need.

Now let's talk whole30 and paleo. I am still on whole30. Day 26 I believe! One of the ways I've stayed on this way of eating has been help from a few whole30 compliant ingredients. One of them being this Primal Kitchen avocado mayo. I had to order online. You can't find this mayo anywhere. Rightfully so. It is chock…

Bath & BodyWorks Exchange Haul

Hello my roses! It is the first day in a new month. It's a dark and rainy one here in N.Y.C. Today has been great. Very productive. I did a lower body cardio session in the morning. Then cleaning/errands. Now I've been working the past two hours. I am happy to say I am on whole30 Day 20. I have felt so much of a difference it's unbelievable. I lost weight. I sleep at night. My skin cleared up. I never get heartburn or have stomach issues. I just love feeding my body with the natural foods that it was meant to be nourished with. I can't way to do whole30 always :)

Over the weekend it was pretty busy. My hubby had to work Saturday OT and then we headed to the mall for me to return some stuff he had gotten for me last month when I was feeling sick. I appreciated it but I didn't want him to pay full price knowing that bath and body works still had their sale going on. I was just going to return thinking the sale was over by now and I saw a whole bunch of bins with 75…