Jingle Vox Box Campaign Reviews

Happy hump day all! I had an interesting night yesterday. I was on the search or hunt more like for 90% off Target items that I had been seeing on my Instagram feed lately. Apparently N.Y stinks and after going to two stores there was literally nothing left. The upside the store looks perfect. New stuff was out and really pretty. But yeah not 90% off. I didn't even find a candle :(. On the upside, I did find three boxes of K-cups that were $3 each as well as a limited edition Starbucks holiday mug for $4.00. That's positive right? I might go to another one this week. I think there are 2 or 3 more Targets here. The Bronx is a huge borough. Well I hope you are all enjoying your days. It is nice and sunny out. I did my cardio but towards the end had to stop and rest.

I received this beautiful #JingleVoxBox as a campaign to be reviewed for free from #influenster. I was so happy with this box and loved everything inside. The kit included:

*Ittybitty spiderman doll to be donated to charity from Hallmark. It was adorable.
*Cetaphil moisturizing cream which I have been using this week since my skin just decided to go dry and flaky out of no where when the temperature dropped. I love it. No fragrance. Goes right in. Perfect for this time of year. I have normal/combo skin. The summer this would be way to heavy. But right now it is perfect.
*Pure Ice Nail Polish in a pretty nude color. Love it for any time of the year.
*Ore Ida tatter tots. Ore Ida is a great brand with quality products. My husband loved the tatter tots.
*Biscoff Gingerbread cookies. I had never tried these or the brand before but to be totally honest, I ate all of them right when I went through the box! They were so yummy plus it was the holidays so that was allowed right?
*NYC New York color eye liner in a very dark brown color. Great price. Good product. Goes on really smooth. Want irritate your eyes. My insider beauty tip: I've been using it to fill in my eyebrows! The color matches perfect. Makes them look amazing. I follow with clear mascara. And Boom.
*Kiss Fake lashes and black glue. The lashes I liked. They were natural looking. Not as dramatic for my taste but I am sure most people would go with them for everyday. The lash glue is great for blending in and not seeing white glue like the old versions. But the black got everywhere!!! And I do mean everywhere. I am a makeup artist and it was a disaster. Don't know if I'd ever buy again :(

I was very lucky and thankful to have tried all of these amazing products from #influenster and these brands. Check them out at your local drugstores as well as supermarkets. You won't be dissapointed.

Signing off a "Jingle" Coffee Diva :)


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