Bathandbodyworks Weekend Sale

Good evening my lovelies. I hope you have been enjoying your week. Mine has been good so far. I had a great time spending my five year anniversary with my husband last weekend. Everyday with him is a special occasion. We went out to dinner and I asked to go to the hit up the bath and body works sale. All the soaps are $2.50. I had a coupon $10 off of $30 so they came to $1.75 each. I also picked up a blinged out dispenser pump for the lotions and a little candle. Yeah I might have an addiction and I'm play with that lol. No more until the semi annual sale which will make all of my money dissapear probably instantly.

Sunday we had such a great day. Did some errands and went to Target. Then my in laws came over to do our yearly holiday baking. We had so much fun and cookies. I have bags and bags in the freezer. I don't trust myself with them out lol. All in all the perfect weekend. I love spending time with my hubby and family so much.

Well enjoy your night and my pictures of the cookies,hand soaps, and wedding flowers  guys xoxo

A "cookie" coffee diva


  1. Looks Like you guys had fun and a lot of goodies to munch on ;)- phoenixryzen7 frm IG

    1. Hey lady! Thank you so much. Yes we did. Hope you are well :) xoxo


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