Ikea Winter Catalog

T.G.I.F my little dolls! I hope you all had a wonderful week. Mine was okay. Everyday to be alive is a good day. Seemed like it went by so fast. Today have errands, work, and beauty projects. Maybe shopping later tonight when hubby gets home. Of course I will be posting Friday's Manicure later. First I want to share with you exciting news again....

Ikea's Winter Holidays are now open online and in stores. You can browse here for inspiration as well as shopping for great Holiday items for cheap. My favorites are their lights and candle holders. They are shiny, festive, and fit in well with everyone's decor. Some of their house items you can even buy as a gift. Who wouldn't want some great candles from Ikea for their apartment for the holidays? I would! Again, we are all budgeting and short on cash during the holidays (due to all the spending lol) so wouldn't it be great to be able to decorate for less? I actually just went through my holiday stuff last night. Got rid of some old mugs and holiday decor that I've had for way too many years. Since they were probably cheap to begin with they turned a bit dirty and old ;(. No good. I figure the more I tossed in the garbage the more I can buy ;)

Well enjoy the online shopping guys. I am off to start my day! You guys have a great day and weekend.

Signing off an "Ikea Lover" Coffee Diva


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