Green Mountains New Coffee House K-Cups

Hello readers! It is a very dark and gloomy day here in N.Y.C. It's a great day to be curled up on the couch with coffee and a good book :). My hubby had an extra day off from work (since he has never called out) and he decided to take it today. I am so glad. I love to see him get a break from work. He works so hard and does everything in his power to give me a great life! I am always thankful. This month I am participating in #30daysofthanks on Instagram. It's a fun way to post a picture each day and have a thankful thought. It really should be #365 days of thanks, but at least one or two months is better than nothing.
I had a nice strength training work out in the morning while hubby sleeped in. I use the weights and did arm workouts, squats, etc. Then I proceeded to stretch and integrate into yoga. It felt great. I get so caught up in doing cardio every day a week I forget that it's good to switch it up to new routines. As well as stretching which is so good for the body. The muscles. All those joints that we are hard on everyday.
I am going to go through all of my holiday stuff in a minute and throw out all the old decorations. I don't really have much.
I haven't purchased much in a while. Last year I only bought a little tree and some lights I was working in the city so much didn't have the time. I thought I will go through to see what I need this way I can buy more at Target lmaooooo!!

I received an email from Green Mountain today with exciting news. They have three new K-Cup flavors available in a coffeehouse style! The three flavors are: Salted Caramel Macchiato, Cappuccino, and Vanilla Latte. Each K-Cup will come with a packet that you will place into your cup prior to brewing the K-Cup. "Real ingredients featuring sea salt, caramel, skim milk, sugar and as always fair trade coffee". These look just like the version Gevalia came up with a while back but I would venture to say they taste a lot better. Green Mountain is known for their quality ingredients and fair trade coffee. Price is $11.99 per 9 count box. I guess these would be good maybe one for the weekend to last. Still is better than going to Starbucks to buy a $7.00 drink just for one day. You can purchase here on their website.
If I buy any I will do a review to follow.

Have you guys purchased these yet? Do you think they are good? Worth the money?

Signing off a "Thankful" Coffee Diva


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