My DIY Ottoman Makeover

Happy Thursday all! It is very chilly and dark outside but warm and sunny inside with my new ottomans. I had inherited these two tables from my mother in law. I love the versatility of them. They hold a lot of items inside and have a flip top table tray. They were a chestnut brown on top with a taupe color on the bottom. Which made them very easy to blend with any colors or style decor. The top had chipped even when we first had them, but now they definitely needed a makeover. I was just using it on the other side with a styling tray. The other morning I just woke up and thought of the idea to paint the tops. I remember my MIL telling me she would take brown paint to cover nicks. I had leftover paint from the hallway in the dark rich teal. I painted them. Took about two coats. It was easy. I taped them off to be careful not to get any on the material side. Even after just one coat they looked better. But now I just love them. The teal is my favorite of all the jewel tones. It looks rich, shiny, and chic. I feel like I went out and purchased to high end CB2 tables for 200 each easily. I am really happy and proud! I love that the sun or even the clouds reflect off the top and bring in light. The paint is semi-gloss. On the tables they look high gloss. Which is why they look more expensive. Plus the bottom is still taupe which gives it a more eclectic feel. It was a little bit of a pain at first to dry because of course I painted on a very humid day. Patience was never my strong suit. Now they have dried nice. The items stick a bit but if I had to move them around a little windex on a cloth would do the trick. No big deal.

Do you guys like? What are your favorite DIY projects? I have been on a roll the past year. I used to just buy everything new but now I love to reuse an older item if I can. Well enjoy your rainy day. Stay safe and warm all.

Signing off a "DIY Master" Coffee Diva


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