Folgers Flavors Coffee Enhancers Review

Hello everybody. How was your weekend? Mine was great. I went to my mom's house on Friday and stayed until Sunday. We had a nice dinner with my mom and her boyfriend. Went to do a little shopping Saturday. Then Sunday I left. But before I took the trip home I went to the local mall and I purchased a few goodies at White Barn Candle in the mall. It was great seeing my family as well as getting as getting away for a little.
Well it's Monday. It's the holiday (Rosh Hashanah- Happy new year all). It's beautiful out. I been busy all day but I think we need to do a new coffee review. Don't you? Today I will be reviewing Folgers flavors coffee enhancers. I received a free package to try out from Crowdtap and Folger's for free. They come in four different flavors. Mocha, Caramel, Hazelnut and Vanilla. I have tried three of them so far. My favorite is Caramel. I love to make a latte and drizzle on top. The Vanilla is also good. I'm not usually a mocha person so I have kind of left that for last. It's just a subtle flavor. A little bit goes a long way. They are in an individual bottle. You can take anywhere being that they are not needed to be kept in the fridge. They basically add a little flavor to your coffee when you are in the mood. Something different to switch up your normal regular coffee routine. You can order online here for $12.00 (Comes 4 in the pack). It has no calories or sugar. It can really be used with anything. There are no limits. I think this product is great for people on the go. You never know where you are. What you will eat or need. This is good to take to work with you because you don't have to refrigerate. I would give it 3 coffee cups out of 5. (4 for the caramel ;).

Have any of you guys tried these Folgers Flavors Coffee Enhancers yet? Would you? Why or why not?

Signing off a "Reviewed" Coffee Diva


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