Weekend Shopping Haul

Happy late Monday all. Sorry for the later post. Its been a busy day. I've been taking online classes for interior design. I love learning all the styles and techniques.I was learning American Colonial today. It was a busy Monday filled with cleaning. Catching up on work. My cardio workout. Today was lower body. It was tough.
This weekend was very strange. My husband and I were ready and willing to shop. We thought let's do back to "fall" shopping. We wound up going to our local mall since we were still recovering from our hangover . Refer back to my Saturday couch posting lol.
I went to jcpenny and got a cute pair of black jeggings for the fall/winter. I don't have any black jeans. I Didn't find any tops or sweaters for fall. None of the stores really had any fall clothing. My hubby got a few shirts and jeans at Polo. Then we went for lunch at Applebee's. Went to Marshalls. Couldn't find anything there. Proceeded to go to the new T.J Maxx I found by my Target. Got a really nice blue shirt. Some stuff for the apartment. That was that. So much for the shopping spree lol. I think I was still sick. I didn't even buy makeup 😢
We decided to save whatever we didn't use and make a trip to IKEA this weekend. Woo woo!

So how was your weekend?  Any big plans? Hope this week is great for you all. Positive vibes and love all..

Signing off a "Not shopped out" Coffee Diva


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