This Weekend In Review

Good evening my lovely readers. It was a very busy Monday here. Most Monday's are. It was also hot and humid. The usual August weather. Not much of a fan. What I am a fan of however is having my beautiful sister over for a belated birthday dinner!
My older sister Samantha came on Friday. I asked if she would spend the weekend with us so we could celebrate her birthday.( I wasn't there on the exact date). She is my best friend. I am like a kid in a candy store when she is here. I get to pour my heart out to her about what's going on in my life. From anything big to the smallest of details. No juicy bit of talking goes unspoken. Hair. Makeup. Men. Life. Love. Anything and everything. Friday I made us a nice dinner with some cheese and appetizers. Then my husband brought home a cake to surprise her with. We watched  new movies (The Gallows & N.W.A). Listened to music. Danced. Laughed. Cried. The usual bonding we always have.
Saturday was equally fun filled with a trip to the new mall by me. Some sight seeing. Followed by an amazing dinner in Throggs Neck. I was very happy. So was she.
Sunday she left. I missed her the second she drove away. No matter how old I get I will never be used to not living with my sister. Not being able to go in the next room and have her there. The comfort my heart feels when she is near me. The love I have for my sister is beyond words. She is the only one who can talk me down. Calm me down. Sort out my crazy feelings and thoughts at times. My doctor. My lawyer. My cheerleader. She makes me feel so important to this world. To my life. And to hers. I wish everyone could have the bond we do. I always know I am not alone because of my sisters love.
After all my "mushy feelings" subsided, I headed back upstairs to enjoy a quiet Sunday. I caught up on my favorite home decor magazines. Sipped coffee. Watched t.v. I have a problem not being just be at times. It's an Aries thing. My husband is constantly telling me to relax. That I do so much. I finally listened.

That was my weekend in a nutshell. I hope you all enjoyed yours. I have so much work, blogging, and classes to catch up on tomorrow so wish me luck 😀!

Signing off a "luckiest sister in the world" coffee diva


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