Sunday Shelfie & Europe

Bonjour readers :) It's a beautiful warm summer day here in N.Y.C. I finally have had a nice relaxing day here without running around all over like it's been the past few months. I made some blueberry pancakes in the morning and lunch for my hubby and enjoyed some iced coffee and a cookie for lunch. Felt nice to splurge a bit. The only task I really did amount to was putting up the 2nd of 3 shelves I have. I wanted to use for above the stove. It's such a large area. It's wide and tall. Pretty much the same size as the wall where I have my coffee station. That's why I knew this shelf would be perfect for that space. I could store extra nick nacks as well as useful cooking utensils. I used to have a railing from Ikea. It looked nice at the time but I think it was a little too small. The wall just looked huge in comparison. Now I feel the shelf with all of the accessories really shows how big our wall square footage is, as well as making the apartment look more like a home. I will probably re-style another five times like I did with the other shelf. But that is the fun of it right?
I was recently looking online for inspiration from a french country house I follow. I just adore European style. Old houses. The details. The architecture. The old world quality. If I could have one desire in the world fulfilled. It would be to own a very old Parisian or Italian house. Doesn't have to be big. Just our own space. With a little garden. Everyday I would spend restoring it. Living in it. Loving in it. I will be pretending my "piccolo" N.Y.C space is just that. The way I have been decorating with bright fresh colors. Aceents in white and gold feels a bit countryside or European to me. I love modern too though so it's becoming a nice eclectic mix. Nothing too matchy anymore. Which I used to hate. I am really learning more about decorating everyday and I continue to study. I would love to find some local antique shops or flea markets that I could find vintage treasures.
I just adore anything vintage!
Saturday was a great day as well. I was busy early in the day. Was proud I made time to do some strength training as well as a quick cardio. I usually never work out on the weekends. Then later my hubby took me to City Island in the Bronx. It's so beautiful and quaint. Then we went to dinner followed by moonlight overlooking the ocean ten minutes from our house. I will be posting some pictures to show as well. We had a great city skyline view.

What are your decorating styles? If you had one wish where would you live? What would your home look like?

Signing off another "Sunday Shelfie" Coffee Diva


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