My Weekend Bedroom Re-do

Happy Tuesday my lovers. It is hot,humid,sticky and down right uncomfortable today. Raining on and off all afternoon so far.Yuck!
I had a big weekend (again). It was really busy and tiring. Totally worth it.
When me and Anthony first moved in here there were boring beige drab walls. We always tried our best to make the apartment look great. We have painted many times! I was really into gray and black for years. The gray color I did in the kitchen and the one wall in the bedroom came out nice. Looked good for that color scheme. However over the years the problem was the lighting issue. In this apartment, the only ceiling lighting is in the kitchen and hallways. This is one of the many reasons I buy 400 lamps lol. Anyways the color over the years started looking dreary to me. It didn't really fit my personality. The gray itself was actually darker than I had even wanted it to. That was another issue. I wanted a change. Me and Anthony also had a rough time last year. I had been wanting a fresh start since September. I also wanted to do all these home projects so by next September and the holidays it's nice and renewed. Stylish. Cozy and chic.
I truly feel that every few years we change. Physically. Emotionally. So of course our styles will change. I love ALL colors. For me it has always been hard to decorate. I can honestly love any color. Other than one or two.
The past year I have went completely opposite. Instead of silver, black, and gray. I love white, aquamarine, and gold. (side note aquamarine is my birth stone. I always have loved aquas and teals. Blues. They speak to my soul. I always reach for them before any other color). It was only fitting eventually i'd get into them. Gold has been so hot the past year or two. I've been a bit later to the boom. But I go with what I love. Not always what's "in" right now.
I find that gold is an eternally chic color like gray or black. It will never go out of style.
I have been trying to switch into my "true" style now for the apartment. Every year I find I become a better decorator. I am very proud of myself. Over the weekend I chose to do the bedroom wall. All by myself! No help from hubby :(. I finally decided on a color. My husband actually liked as well. It was Tahititan Breeze from Behr. I wanted something to brighten up the room. But be somewhere in the blue family that was calming and soothing for night time.
I lined out paper on the floor. I cleaned the walls. Cut the corners. Stood on a little stool as my legs and arms shaked. The sweat dripped down every crack. But I rolled it out as music on pandora played in the background. The blood sweat and tears were all worth it. I did the best job I ever did painting. I guess after 8 years of doing this you get the hang of it lol. (Mind you that day I hadn't slept literally in a week. I was on a bad streak for some reason. To say I was exhausted is beyond an understatement. I wasn't even sure anything would come out decent because of my state of mind. I really took my time. As I said the payoff was immense).
I still want to get a nice bedding set I saw at Ikea but that will have to wait. This week is too busy to go. I did however another DIY project. I used this gold spray paint from Rustoleum. Pure gold shade. I painting the bedroom night stands. I thought the gold would go amazing with the new color. I love it. I'm so inspired!
I even did my coffee cart that my mom bought me years ago with the gold color. I will be uploading more pics later.
I will also be using that same color to paint my kitchen as I did with the gray. Hopefully tomorrow or Thursday if it stops raining. Can't wait. I think it's going to look amazing. I hope I do as good a job as the bedroom :)

Do you guys love the colors? The tables? Do you love to DIY?

Signing off a "Painted" Coffee Diva


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