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It's Tuesday Ya'll! Time for some new posts and reviews to get your day started. Seems like summer finally turned the hot switch on. It has been humid the past week or two here in N.Y.C with tons of rain. Fun right? This weather drives my sinuses and allergies nuts. Currently sipping on Folger's Black Silk coffee (in K-cup form of course). I find it to be such a good dark roast coffee.
I am a smiley360 member and I received a new campaign for free from Emergenzzz. It is a packet filled with vitamins and minerals as well as melatonin to help you fall asleep naturally. Without any side effects. Or grogginess in the morning.
I tried them twice so far. For me it didn't do anything to be honest. It relaxes you a bit. But, I take 10mg of melatonin regularly. The packet only contains 3mg. For me it just wasn't enough. The flavor I wasn't a fan of either. The berry was worst than the citrus flavor. The positive of these packets is you get your daily dose of vitamins. They are packed with Vitamin C and Zinc. A lot of times we forget to take our vitamins during the day time. These are a great way to go to sleep and wake up feeling great. I would take them if I received for free or with a discount. I would recommend you guys to try because of the health factor. They might put you to sleep just because it didn't help me. Click on the link above to get your free sample and let me know how it worked :)

Signing off a "Sleepy" Coffee Diva


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