Back From My Vacation Week

I'm back guys! Greetings from the warm and really sticky N.Y.C area :(. I was away on vacation for the week. I spent the week with my sister and dad mostly. I have to say I had an amazing time. Every day I went out. We did something different. My dad lives in New Jersey and it's pleasant to spend time with him and get out to the beautiful area he lives in. I was able to see my cousin play in a local bar in Redbank N.J which was so much fun. He's an extremely talented drummer. Pretty much his whole life. He has played in many bands in N.J that were/are popular. I shopped way to much with my dad and sister. Including a big haul from Ikea. I got a manicure/pedicure with my mom. Went out to eat almost every night. Saw the new movie southpaw (which was amazing). It really was just what I needed.

Getting home and back on track is always tough/good at the same time. I will instantly miss my sister. She is my best friend and there is never enough time to spend with her. In the same time I know I have to get back to being an adult. Life. Responsibilities and routine. I also miss my husband terribly when we are apart past two days. I know I am a cornball lol. Yesterday I went crazy. Instead of taking a day to rest I put away all the Ikea items. Then took it upon myself to put up one of the three shelves I have to put up. I have been wanting to put shelves up for years. We have a lot of wall space for a small apartment. I felt that we weren't utilizing the wall space enough. Shelves are a great way to add visual interest to your room as well as for storage. I was lucky enough that the shelf didn't give me a hard time. It really was only two molly's and two screws. Then it was up. I re-arranged the style a bunch of times before I liked what I put up.
I love the white shelf up against the gold cart. It's exactly what I was going for. It also helps get some items out of my cabinets too. Which is a plus.
The other items that were new are in this picture are of my bedroom. As you know I have repainted the wall in the bedroom and the kitchen the same new aqua color. I felt then that I needed a new bed set. My dad was kind enough to take me to Ikea which is the best in my opinion for bedding. They have every color and style option you can think of. No matter if you are traditional or modern. I was originally going for a striped design duvet for the bedroom with beige and aqua. I decided against it after looking at the duvet more closely. I wanted something sophisticated, more grown up and romantic. The stripes to me were a little "beachy" and young. I also purchased a new light throw for the summer as well as two beautiful throw pillows. I have to say I honestly love love love it! I even put a brown curtain I had over my window to block out the street lights from my building. Now it is cozy. Calming. Stylish. Soothing. Quiet. I have fallen asleep like a baby the past two nights I have been home. I never was a brown girl. I usually go for bold colors. But with the contrasting aqua I feel it is a nice balance of a pop of color on the wall without being to bright for a bedroom.
All the items I have in my bedroom are from: Ikea, Bobsfurniture (bed), Marshalls, and homegoods.

Do you guys like the new re-do? Did you miss me :) ? I have to say I am utterly proud of all the apartment projects I have been getting done. I'd like to do one or two more so I will be good by September. Then it's my favorite time of year from September-January!! Can't wait.

Signing off a very "proud and happy" Coffee Diva


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