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International Delight Bzzcampaign Review

Happy Friyay!! Woo Woo. I'm sure you guys had an actively busy week as I did. I am looking forward to some rest. We really could use it. Every weekend we have been to a new place. Although every time I say that me and my hubby wind up getting up by 9:00am and are out all day. I guess we will see. Don't tell him but I already planned to go to this beautiful local flower/plant shop I found on Instagram located in the amazing Arthur Avenue area of the Bronx. I just love that all of the local business's are still there. Family owned. As well as representing the true Bronx in a good light. The Bronx that us residents know and love. I will post any details and pics if we take a trip there.
I am a Bzzagent as I have said many times. It is really a great website and program to be a part of. The second campaign I got to try for free this month was International Delight's Iced Coffee. I received a free coupon for either an Iced coffee or an iced chai. Well I actually hate chai …

Keurig's 75% Off Sale

Happy TBT ya'll! Been another busy one here. In and out most of the day running errands and appointments. Stormy weather as well. But don't worry because I have an amazing throw back for you. How about a throw back to Fall? Or Winter? Or some hot chocolate for that matter. My mom has the sweetest boyfriend in the world, Andy. He alerted me right away of this amazing deal on going on now. Basically any of the hot chocolates are on sale for 75% as well as free shipping! Yes you read me correctly. I will give you all the codes. You can sit down now before you spill your coffee lol. I ordered three boxes myself all for $11.25 as you see in the picture. I know it's July. I'm aware of that. But if you think about it Fall will be here soon and you can be all stocked up for $3.75 each. As if that wasn't enough for you, I'm going to kick it up another notch. The deal will give you free shipping on any quantity. You can buy one box or ten. Whatever your fancy…

Back From My Vacation Week

I'm back guys! Greetings from the warm and really sticky N.Y.C area :(. I was away on vacation for the week. I spent the week with my sister and dad mostly. I have to say I had an amazing time. Every day I went out. We did something different. My dad lives in New Jersey and it's pleasant to spend time with him and get out to the beautiful area he lives in. I was able to see my cousin play in a local bar in Redbank N.J which was so much fun. He's an extremely talented drummer. Pretty much his whole life. He has played in many bands in N.J that were/are popular. I shopped way to much with my dad and sister. Including a big haul from Ikea. I got a manicure/pedicure with my mom. Went out to eat almost every night. Saw the new movie southpaw (which was amazing). It really was just what I needed.

Getting home and back on track is always tough/good at the same time. I will instantly miss my sister. She is my best friend and there is never enough time to spend with her. In the sa…

My Weekend Bedroom Re-do

Happy Tuesday my lovers. It is hot,humid,sticky and down right uncomfortable today. Raining on and off all afternoon so far.Yuck!
I had a big weekend (again). It was really busy and tiring. Totally worth it.
When me and Anthony first moved in here there were boring beige drab walls. We always tried our best to make the apartment look great. We have painted many times! I was really into gray and black for years. The gray color I did in the kitchen and the one wall in the bedroom came out nice. Looked good for that color scheme. However over the years the problem was the lighting issue. In this apartment, the only ceiling lighting is in the kitchen and hallways. This is one of the many reasons I buy 400 lamps lol. Anyways the color over the years started looking dreary to me. It didn't really fit my personality. The gray itself was actually darker than I had even wanted it to. That was another issue. I wanted a change. Me and Anthony also had a rough time last year. I had been wa…

Emergenzzz Review Smiley360


It's Tuesday Ya'll! Time for some new posts and reviews to get your day started. Seems like summer finally turned the hot switch on. It has been humid the past week or two here in N.Y.C with tons of rain. Fun right? This weather drives my sinuses and allergies nuts. Currently sipping on Folger's Black Silk coffee (in K-cup form of course). I find it to be such a good dark roast coffee.
I am a smiley360 member and I received a new campaign for free from Emergenzzz. It is a packet filled with vitamins and minerals as well as melatonin to help you fall asleep naturally. Without any side effects. Or grogginess in the morning.
I tried them twice so far. For me it didn't do anything to be honest. It relaxes you a bit. But, I take 10mg of melatonin regularly. The packet only contains 3mg. For me it just wasn't enough. The flavor I wasn't a fan of either. The berry was worst than the citrus flavor. The positive of these packets is you get…

K-Cup Compatible Soft Coffee Pods Sale - $3.99/12 Pack


Happy July With Sodastream

Happy first day of July all! It's that time of year where we are halfway into the summer. BBQ's and pool party's are starting to pick up. Kids are on vacation. The weather is warm. Except for N.Y. N.Y.C seems to be extremely moody lately and only wants to rain. I love the rain but even I'm like come on now. My allergies have been acting up. Rainy days mean sinus headaches and sneezing :(. I am off to a busy start today. I got up and made banana/bluebery/protein pancakes for breakfast with pumpkin spice coffee for me and the hubby. Then I made the bed, and immediately started cleaning. I vacuumed the floors. I am on a mop binge lol. My steam mop died a few months back and I'm embarrassed to admit I haven't mopped since then. I have vacumed the floors at least. Problem is I really hate old school mops. I had to break down and buy one. I can't have anything not clean in my apartment. I'm a bit OCD. Especially that I am working from home now. I get even mo…