The Weekend Catch Up

Monday is here again. It will always be here folks. So we just need to get used to this one lol. I am reporting from my porch this late afternoon. The sun has finally come out and it's warm. I am extremely lucky to have a huge porch to call my own. My apartment rocks as it is, but to have an outdoor space to call your own in N.Y.C is extremely rare. I even have room for a nice bistro table & chairs. An ottoman. A BBQ and carpet! It needs to be spruced up so until then no pictures! I love it. If I could be out all the time I probably would. I notice if I'm feeling down or anxious it takes a matter of five or ten minutes only outside to lift my spirits immediately. I am on the 6th floor so I get a great breeze. (Another lucky quality of having a big porch off of your living room. It always seems cooler in my apartment than it actually is).
I was super busy all day as I normally am on a Monday. I did my cardio/zumba right when I got up which was great. Nothing better than sweating it out and taking a hot soothing shower to start your day off with. I wanted to change my sheets which of course turned in to an hour event. I stripped the bed down. Vacuumed everything including the mattress, bed frame, and upholstery. Naturally I rotated the mattress even though it is a huge queen. No comment. Changed sheets and set up the bedding all nice and magazine worthy.
That being said, I had a great weekend. I enjoyed it all with my husband. We spent the whole Saturday morning at Nissan getting new tires on. There was a few nails in one of the tires. But I was thankful to have the new ones and bonus it was all under warranty so free of charge! Then we headed to brunch and out later to homegoods. I picked up a few beautiful items. I have been looking for something to put on these two square ottomans I have in my living room. I finally found what I was looking for. This turquoise tray with coral peonies. I used coasters I had from my last job and some feng shui text books to style. I also got a few picture frames. I just love them. Later on at night we went to a different diner for dinner. Yup we were on a no cook Saturday lol.
Sunday I returned a shirt I had to Marshalls. Scored a few items on clearance. Good trade. Then we headed to Target. My hubby returned some wire he bought. Of course I found some little goodies in the $1 section. Cute pencils and stationary cards.
I have another picture on here from Sunday when I made my protein pancakes in the morning. They came out great. I normally never really eat pancakes. So I thought let me make them healthy. I have been adding protein powder to everything.
The other picture I have is also from some items I purchased at Homegoods. Turquoise canisters. I just adore them and my kitchen. I am really loving my apartment lately for all I have!
There you have it that was my weekend. Looking forward to another busy week. I hope good weather. Enjoy your week and make it a positive one!

So what was your weekend like? Shopping? Coffee? Beach?

Signing off an "Outside" Coffee Diva


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