Cardio Every Day..Including The Rain

Being back after a beautiful weekend away can suck as it is. Especially when its rainy and chilly everyday. The only thing lifting my spirits is cardio after I wake up. Last week I was doing yoga every morning but this week back to my beloved calorie burning sweat inducing work out!
This was a photo of me before doing Zumba. My favorite. Today I stayed in early, I haven't been sleeping good the past three nights. I don't know why. I'll be running errands later with the hubby.
I'm obsessed with home design to say the least and I'm on the hunt for some new pieces. I really need a dresser in my bedroom but I can't find one skinny enough 😕. I'm going to be hitting up home goods again on the weekend .
The only two problems with that store is 1. I never have enough money because I want to buy the whole store. 2. My husband never likes the designs I do 😩.
But I am just going to go and browse at least. We will see.
Do you guys always feel like your home is not complete? There is always something to buy or upgrade. Right when you do something the next needs to be purchased? I get overwhelmed at times. But that's when I need to stop and live in the moment and appreciate the beautiful apartment we have. How much its changed and grown over the years. I never thought it would look as good as it does now so I know in the future it will continue to transform. I am just very proud and thankful for what we have which is so much!!!

Well everyone enjoy your Thursday. This week is flying by.

Signing off a "sleepy" Coffee Diva


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