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Cup O' Joe: Zoka Tuscan


Father's Day Florals

It's Tuesday. The weeks seem to be going by at super speed. Before we know it, it will be September. I know crazy right? Well I want to wish everyone a belated Happy Father's Day. I went to Queens to spend father's day with my in laws. It was very nice. We always have so much fun. I love them. Usually I would just be home by myself while Anthony works. It's been nice he's had off on the weekends as well as our new car to get us around. I am very thankful everyday for all we have. Not one day goes by I don't think of that.
It was very hot so the day called for a comfortable outfit. I like something that I can wear in the summer that is cool but chic. I have shorts and bermuda's but sometimes I Feel they are too "casual". I just happened to find these floral pants as I was cruising the clearance section in Target. I honestly didn't know if they would look good on my body. Normally I am not a florals person either. I have been coming around to …

Keurig Kold Machine

Good Saturday morning my lovelies. It is dark here in N.Y.C. I have been awake for a good two hours. I didn't sleep well last night. My hubby got in late from visiting his grandmother in the hospital. I know I'm a huge cornball for saying this, but I can't sleep if he's not next to me. I've grown used to that loud lumberjack snoring that accompanies his being next to me. His freakishly hot body that I say is like having a furnace next to me lol. Needless to say I really didn't sleep. Then I was up early in the morning just lying awake trying to sleep. Telling myself sleep in it's the weekend. Yet my mind wonders to sad places at times. The only thing that will help is if I get up and brush it off. I get in depressed "spells" from time to time. It's natural and normal for all of us to feel like that. I try and work through them now that I am older.
I love the quiet on the weekends. Before anyone has gotten up. The building is silent. It'…

Dunkin Donuts Latte's

T.G.I.F Ya'll!! It's humid. I hate it. But we can't let it ruin our days. Yesterday had me feeling very sad with what is going on in this country. The hatred that exists. It's funny how people don't even care. I wrote a long caring message on facebook. Instead of people liking it because it was loving and hopeful, it got maybe 5 likes. Mainly from my family members. God for bid it was a dumb quote, or something hateful you better believe I would have had more hits. Here is what I wrote in case anyone reading is a loving person like I am and would like to hear:
"I'm so sad to see the events that have been taking place even more common than usual. There will always be hate in this world. It's very scary to know that there are men out there that would kill me in a heartbeat because of my religion. I've had people discriminate against me. Speak ill of my background. I can relate to others. I empathize with their feelings. I refuse to let people, horri…

Saturday's Bath and Body Works Haul

If I have to tell you guys that it is raining here in N.Y.C one more time, I swear. I'm done. lol. But it really is raining here all day today here as well as it was yesterday. Humid and nasty. New York summers can be tough just like the winters.
I had a great weekend with the husband. Friday night we finally put up the bigger T.V. in the bedroom with the help of our neighbor. It went really well. Thank god. We actually were able to use the existing screws that we had in the old wall mount for the smaller t.v. Which made it a lot easier. Now we can see in there!
Saturday we had to get the new tires checked out at Nissan. Everything was good. Also thank god. Then we headed to the mall after. Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret had their Semi-annual sale. Needless to say I wasn't impressed. The underwear Victoria's had was basic. I wasn't impressed. I have a whole drawer full of their underwear. I love bold patterns and styles. All they had was plain black c…

I Love Lucy... Lucite that is.

Good Tuesday evening lovely readers! I am reporting from my porch again. It's really windy and the sin is setting. It feels amazing. I had a very low key Tuesday. The most I got done was scrubbing the hell out of my bathroom! lol. I had mopped the floor and scrubbed the wall tiles from head to toe. Shower. Tub. Toilet. Needless to say it was about an hour of my life spent sweating. Especially in this humidity. I have a meeting and a few errands in the city tomorrow so I just wanted to get my mind focused.
In my bedroom, my father in law installed a computer screen we had on the wall. We actually have a 32" screen T.V but
I thought it would be too big for the bedroom. I guess I underestimated how blind I've become at my ripe old age of 29.
You can see where this is going right? The hubby wants to put the big screen T.V up which I actually agreed too. I have a cabinet that I have been using under the T.V. I purchased it at Ikea. I loved it's modern sleek design and …

Friday Muffins.

Forgot to post a picture of my protein muffins. They had a whole scoop of vanilla protein powder added to a fat free orange and cranberry muffin mix. I made with a decaf espresso 😋

A "coffee" Diva

The Weekend Catch Up

Monday is here again. It will always be here folks. So we just need to get used to this one lol. I am reporting from my porch this late afternoon. The sun has finally come out and it's warm. I am extremely lucky to have a huge porch to call my own. My apartment rocks as it is, but to have an outdoor space to call your own in N.Y.C is extremely rare. I even have room for a nice bistro table & chairs. An ottoman. A BBQ and carpet! It needs to be spruced up so until then no pictures! I love it. If I could be out all the time I probably would. I notice if I'm feeling down or anxious it takes a matter of five or ten minutes only outside to lift my spirits immediately. I am on the 6th floor so I get a great breeze. (Another lucky quality of having a big porch off of your living room. It always seems cooler in my apartment than it actually is).
I was super busy all day as I normally am on a Monday. I did my cardio/zumba right when I got up which was great. Nothing better than …

#EmergenZzzzz Campaign

Pleased to announce I just got invited to try the new #EmergenZzzz campagin from Click here to check it out. I will be receiving the samples for free to test out.

Cardio Every Day..Including The Rain

Being back after a beautiful weekend away can suck as it is. Especially when its rainy and chilly everyday. The only thing lifting my spirits is cardio after I wake up. Last week I was doing yoga every morning but this week back to my beloved calorie burning sweat inducing work out!
This was a photo of me before doing Zumba. My favorite. Today I stayed in early, I haven't been sleeping good the past three nights. I don't know why. I'll be running errands later with the hubby.
I'm obsessed with home design to say the least and I'm on the hunt for some new pieces. I really need a dresser in my bedroom but I can't find one skinny enough 😕. I'm going to be hitting up home goods again on the weekend .
The only two problems with that store is 1. I never have enough money because I want to buy the whole store. 2. My husband never likes the designs I do 😩.
But I am just going to go and browse at least. We will see.
Do you guys always feel like your home is no…

Are You Drinking Coffee At The Wrong Time? first day of June! It's a new month filled with hope and possibilities. I have returned from my weekend vacation with my hubby from Cape May. To say it was beautiful is an understatement. I can't wait to go back we are already planning our next trip. I will be uploading pics to share later on in the day.
It is cold and dreary here in N.Y 😑. Welcome back right? I am unpacking today. Trying to work and stay motivated. All I really want to do is nap lol. I did a great cardio class in the morning. That's a plus right!
Here is a good video to remind you when to drink you're coffee.  P.S. shouldn't be right when you wake!!!!

Signing off a"Sleepy" Coffee Diva