Peet's Dark Roast Decaf Review

I know it's Monday again right? My Monday's usually are busy. I give the apartment a big cleaning. Bleaching of the counters and stove is set in place. It is necessary to do once a week at least if not more. My apartment has all white counters and stove. Keeping them looking spotless is very important to me. I also like to do meal prep so I can stay on track health wise. Although I cheated on the weekend. Let's not go there (lol). I did feel very tired today. Mid day I kind of lost my energy and motivation which is common when I am "hormonal". Another ritual I practice when I am "hormonal" is no caffeine. I try at least. I normally don't keep decaf in the house unless it's on sale. Or I got it for free.
Two weeks ago I had a few amazon gift cards. I decided to order a box of decaf and hot tea. Which I will be reviewing also.
Peet's House Blend Dark Roast Decaf was really good. I brewed it on the smallest setting of my Keurig. Prior to brewing, I whipped up half and half in my cup with my handheld frother that I use everyday. It made a great decaf cappuccino. No one would even know the difference. I purchased the Peet's Decaf K-Cups on I would give it 4 coffee cups out of 5.

Have you ever tried Peet's K-cups? What Decaf are your favorites?

Signing off a " Decaf" Coffee Diva


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