Friday Run Down 4/19/13

Hello everyone. I hope you are all having a beautiful Friday. I just wanted to take the time to say that I am so sorry to anyone who was effected by the horrible events that took place in Boston this week, and that are still conspiring today. It is so sad to turn on the T.V and see all that is wrong in this world everyday. No place is safe anymore. I think that's why I really enjoy the smallest things in life like coffee or this blog. Life is short as we all see and we have to be thankful for everything we have. Stop with the money and what car do you drive. It's so unimportant in the comparison of life itself. Let's all us good people still believe in love and life and pass it on to another.

Here's the Friday Run Down. I hope it cheers anyone up in some small way :) My loving positive thoughts are out there in this universe ..

Stop in today at your local Dunkin Donuts to get your choice of a fresh brewed Iced Tea for only $.99. In your choice of classic, peach, or raspberry.

Check out the new Sologrind Brewing system that is now available on It is on sale now for $59.99. Order here.

Signing off A " Sorry " Coffee Diva "


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