Friday Run Down 3/15/13

T.G.I.F all. I'm feeling a little under the weather. I think I caught a small bug/virus last night. Thank god I wasn't throwing up and I'm better today. This weather is dark and dreary and is making me feel depressed again. . What do you guys do to cheer up when you are feeling under the weather or sad ?? A favorite show ? A cup of coffee ?

A K-Cup Review from on Starbucks' Cafe' Verona Dark Roast K-Cup. Read it here.

One cup connection has Tully's French Roast on Sale for $9.99. Purchase here .

Do you like coffee & Tea like I do ? Well here's the best of both worlds. Hong Kong Coffee/Tea Recipe.

The Republic Of Tea has Free Shipping on all domestic orders $50 or more from now until 3/24th so shop quick !

Boyer's Coffee now has their Irish Coffee Blend out just in time for St. Patty's Day. So shop now! Get 17% off any order. Just type in "shamrock" at checkout. Now through the 3/17th.

Now Dunkin Donuts has their Irish Iced Coffee Coolata " The new Irish Creme coffee lineup at Dunkin'. Celebrate the season by trying our Irish Creme Hot or Iced Coffee, Latte, or Frozen Coffee COOLATTA® ". Check it out at your local DD.

Signing off a " Coffee Diva "


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