Friday Run Down 2/22/13

It's a cloudy chilly day here in N.Y.C. The usual here in New York around this time of year. I don't know about you guys, but I've been depressed lately and this weather definitely does not help! How do you keep "sunny" in these times of darkness ?? Or warm when the weather is oh so cold outside ?? Usually coffee cheers me up. A cup of coffee. Seeing my husband smile. I'm corny like that :)Well I wish you all a beautiful healthy weekend. Here is the Friday Run Down . . . .

This weekend only from Cross Country Cafe " Caramel Vanilla Cream Keurig Kcup coffee is ON SALE- $10.99 per box of 24! " .
Place your order here .

New Inventory sale !! Shop on :) Sale on K-cups and more :)

Keeping your coffee or beans in the fridge ??? No you didn't !!! You could be ruining your $20 Starbucks gourmet roast blend. You better check out this article from dailyshotofcoffee.

Pretty floral tea sets from The Republic of Tea to lift your spirits for warmer days to come .

Well that's all for today folks ! Signing off a " Coffee " Diva


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