Kmart's Decorate It Forward Campaign...

So my one of my newest campaigns I am involved with this month is for, is Decorate it Forward this Holiday Season with Kmart. I went today to check out what there was available, and I was very pleased & surprised. I picked up three boxes of Christmas lights (blue & clear) as well as beautiful ornaments. I used my Kmart Gift card that I received ( I also donated to St. Jude at the register which I suggest everyone do as well please). I just had enough with my gift card and change to spare!
They had a huge selection of every color that you can imagine depending on your taste. Weather you are a traditionalist and you go for red & green. Or you are more modern as I am and you go for silver with purples and blues. The prices were amazing. Everything I picked up was at least 25% off if not more. They also were stocked up in every aisle. Which you usually don't see in the stores around this time of the holidays. I told all of my family, friends, and neighbors about Kmart's new Holiday collections and pieces that were available and I already have my eye on a few more purchases. If you sign up with Kmart's rewards program you can get money for every point you spend as well.
I wanted to include my review since like I said in my last post everyone is on a strict budget and I feel that the stuff that was at Kmart could fit into all our budgets. And you don't have to sacrifice because my home looks just as chic and modern now during the holidays as it did before ! So stop into your local Kmart or check out for more info ...

Signing off a very " decorated " Coffee Diva

P.S. My pics are of two centerpieces I made using what I purchased at Kmart !!
Send me your comments and love on all things holiday coffee landers ; )


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