Catching Up & Holiday Talk ..

Hello all ! I am sorry for the loss of posts. I was actually stuck in N.Y at my mom's house for a few weeks (due to a wedding, then getting sick, then a hurricane, then a snow storm lol). Thank god all of us are ok and I am home now. We have so much to catch up on. From coffee and everything in between !
The holidays are here my favorite time of year. I started putting the holiday stuff out. My mom gave me Pumpkin Spice K-cups when I was over, I love to enjoy them on the holidays. What are your holiday coffee traditions ? Do you have certain blends that you save specifically for the holidays? I always take a holiday mug out to drink in. It just makes me so happy. No matter how bad life was, during these two months I always found happiness and love. I wish all time of year was this special :)

Well this week I will be catching up with posts, reviews, and starting to help you guys do some shopping for the coffee/tea lovers on your list. I wish you all the beginning of a beautiful holiday season. Much health, love, and happiness with your families all over the world :)

Here is a nice little "piece of candy " to feast your eyes on. The new Starbucks Verismo 580 single serve brewer is no available on You can purchase it, and watch a video. Maybe if you are really nice this year Santa will get it for you ; ) Enjoy

A very " Merry " Coffee Diva


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