Keurig's New Vitamin Infused K-Cups

In my opinion Keurig has revolutionized the way we all drink coffee. It has given us all a reason to appreciate coffee. Understand it better. And brew the best possible quality that they can offer us. " One cup at a time". Now Keurig has upped their game to another level. Keurig has now come out with a line of " wellness k-cups". They will be offered for people that don't just want to drink a cup of coffee, they want to drink to their health as well. There are only 6 different flavors so far. Two of them are Green Mountain coffee's that offer either Focus Blend or Wellness blend. Each delivering vitamins to keep you healthy. Two others are from Celestial Seasonings. They are the Antioxidant Max Green Teas. (Which I have been dying to try especially now in K-cup form). And last but not least the two Vitamin Burst Iced K-cups which I wanted to try but it has too much sugar for me :(. The prices are a bit steep ( in my opinion). $17.49 for the teas and a whopping $18.49 for the coffee. I would love to try being that I take vitamins and drink tons of tea. And coffee for health, but at these prices probably will not be buying. Or not often at least. Here is the link to purchase online.

Have you guys tried these yet ? What do you think of vitamin infused coffee and teas?

Signing off a " Healthy " Coffee Diva


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