Your Fall Favorite Is Back !!!

I hope you are all safe, if you are in an area that is being hit by the hurricane now. Here in N.Y.C it is very heavy thunderstorms as I type. Just wanted to make sure you are all alright :)
Well it's getting to that time of year again where we no longer need flip flops but more scarves, and that really good cup of coffee on those chilly mornings. Fall ! My favorite time of year( along with winter). Many people rave about Green Mountain's Pumpkin Spice. And they are right in doing so ! I am not even a pumpkin person per say, but I definitely love this coffee in the fall/winter. It envokes happy memories of my favorite time of year. It is also nice that they don't offer it all the time, since it makes it that much more special. Plus it's fair trade which is very important ! Sometime's when I have flavored coffee a lot I get boored, and crave regular. This is nice for just a few months. I have a review of the coffee earlier in my blog if you are curious, take a look.
Do you guys usually buy "seasonal " coffee or seasonal items now to get ready for the cooler months ? Or are you all more of a last minute type of person ?

P.S. G.M Pumpkin Spice is available to order on ,
Pumpkin Spice Review

P.P.S A very big thank you to all of my fans and readers, as I just noticed I hit over 14,000 views. You guys rock !!!!!

Signing off a very " happy " coffee diva


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