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Your Fall Favorite Is Back !!!

I hope you are all safe, if you are in an area that is being hit by the hurricane now. Here in N.Y.C it is very heavy thunderstorms as I type. Just wanted to make sure you are all alright :)
Well it's getting to that time of year again where we no longer need flip flops but more scarves, and that really good cup of coffee on those chilly mornings. Fall ! My favorite time of year( along with winter). Many people rave about Green Mountain's Pumpkin Spice. And they are right in doing so ! I am not even a pumpkin person per say, but I definitely love this coffee in the fall/winter. It envokes happy memories of my favorite time of year. It is also nice that they don't offer it all the time, since it makes it that much more special. Plus it's fair trade which is very important ! Sometime's when I have flavored coffee a lot I get boored, and crave regular. This is nice for just a few months. I have a review of the coffee earlier in my blog if you are curious, take a look.

5-hour ENERGY®

5-hour ENERGY®: Thx @5hourenergyguy 4 my free shot! #5hourmission Click to help me win the 5-hour ENERGY Sweepstakes! *Please remember the FTC requires you to mention that you received a free sample courtesy of Smiley360 when sharing.

ShoffeeBlog | The Official Blog of Introducing the Green Mountain Rivo Espresso Machi...

Hi coffee community ! Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, I have been so busy. I had a bunch of projects going on this week in my home. I re-arranged my living room area. Then did a major closet re-do that took two days and five hundred hours ( it seemed to me) But I am here  and I have the latest news from's blog.... Read on readers ; )

ShoffeeBlog | The Official Blog of Introducing the Green Mountain Rivo Espresso Machi...:

Will you be interested in buying this machine ??

Signing off a " coffee Diva "

Recipe: Marshmallow Espresso

So cute! For all of you guys going camping at the end of the summer (or just using this at home for fun lol) . I hope you try this one out :) Looks Yumm!

Signing off a " coffee Diva "

5-hour ENERGY-- Smiley360 Connect

5-hour ENERGY-- Smiley360 Connect

Horrible taste. But no jittery feeling as they say. Slight energy boost. Don't waste your money in my opinion.

Grove Square Coffee Dark Roast K-cup Review

Well yesterday I did a brand new review ( a good one) and today I'm sorry to say that I have a bad one ! Over my vacation a few weeks back my mom picked me up a box of K-Cups from the Christmas Tree Store. They sell them at a dollar or two discounted. She purchased me the Grove Square coffee Dark roast blend kcups. I thought it would be a good idea to try some new brands. Something different. Plus, I pretty much love every k-cup flavor. I didn't even expect anything bad. But I was very wrong...
First off when I touched the Kcup I noticed already something was weird. I shook it a bit because it felt kind of "empty". The sound was like rocks. It was as if instant coffee was in it. And that was exactly the taste ! That of instant coffee. And bad instant coffee at that. It was like the instant Folgers my mom used to drink. Horrible taste. Bitter after taste. Pretty much everything wrong with it you can think of. I don't know if they are a knock of to k-cups and they d…

Green Mountain Wild Mountain Blueberry K-Cup Review

Happy Monday! The humidity has died down here in N.Y and it is a beautiful day I can finally be outside and open all of the windows :) How are you all doing?
I just received my box of Green Mountain Wild Mountain Blueberry K-Cups. I could not wait to try since I had read/seen so many posts about this coffee being amazing. And hard to find. Well, did this not let me down! This coffee rocks! It is sooooooOooo good. Yes I used all of those o's. It is quite appropriate for the amount of enthusiasm here. The second you brew you start smelling the most amazing scent ever! It is just like going to a Diner or a Dunkin Donuts. You smell fresh blueberry muffins. Then the taste is literally like you are drinking in a muffin! It is quite incredible how you can make coffee taste just like a food lol I honestly expected the coffee to be watery or maybe too sweet or even bitter as a lot of flavored coffee's do. But it had none of those. I put just a little half n half in my cup. No sugar . N…

Friday Run Down 8/3/2012

Ciao readers! It is so thick and hot here today in N.Y.C. I barely was moving when I went our earlier in the morning lol. Well I am back from vacation, and ready to roll..Here is the Friday run down on all of your favorite things in life :)

Really cool article about 5 unique cafe's around the world from the Van Houtte Coffee Blog. I would love to go to The Island in the Mur Café―Graz, Austria. ( Shown in picture above) has their $1 dollar day sale where they will be taking a dollar off select boxes of kcups. Hurry ! Today only.

The U.S is number 1 as usual, in the world's top 10 coffee consuming countries in 2011 . (runners up were Germany & Brazil).

Illy has come out with a new blend called " Monoarabica". They are different versions from around the world. There is a dark blend that is bold & from Brazil. Another blend that is bright and is from Ethiopia. They come in capsules and whole bean form. The price range is from $15.00 regular coffee …